900 straw bales and six horse trailers in flames

Hundreds of bales of straw caught fire on Wednesday evening in Angermund. In addition, several horse trailers burned out completely. Nobody got hurt.

In a fire in Angermund late Wednesday evening, according to the fire department about 900 bales of straw caught fire.

At 9:43 pm the fire brigade Dusseldorf was called to the big fire at the Verloher Kirchweg. There, about 900 bales of straw stood in flames on an area of ​​50 by 15 meters. This is reported by a spokesman for the fire department on Thursday morning.

The field on which the flames raged is in the immediate vicinity of a horse farm. Six empty horse trailers are completely burned out, two more could be rescued by the fire department, According to previous findings, neither humans nor animals were injured.

The fire department was able to prevent the fire from spreading to an adjacent forest. Since not enough hydrants were available, the fire brigade tapped firefighting water from nearby Anger.

The fire department pulled the bales of straw further apart on Thursday morning to allow them to burn off in a controlled manner. The work continued in the morning. The police determined according to a spokesman for the cause of the fire.

At the beginning, the fire brigade was on site with about 40 task forces, from midnight, the number could be reduced to about 20 people.

11.09.2019, North Rhine-Westphalia, Dusseldorf: Firefighters stand in front

11.09.2019, North Rhine-Westphalia, Dusseldorf: firefighters stand in front of burning straw bales in Düsseldorf Angermund. About 900 bales of straw were caught on fire at a riding stud for unknown reasons. In addition to the straw, several horse trailers were destroyed. The fire department was able to prevent the fire spreading to a piece of forest. Photo: David Young / dpa +++ dpa broadcast +++. Photo: dpa / David Young

Three weeks ago, hundreds of straw bales on a farm in the north of Dusseldorf, near the current fire place, had been on fire. Whether there is a connection, according to police is unclear. It is now being investigated for arson.

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