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Every time Virginia Gomez, aka Enraged Dietitian, Write a tweet, Troy burns. The dietitian-nutritionist does not leave puppet with a head, the same charge against the strategies of the food industry that warns those who complain about it that there are changes in habits that go beyond taking off a couple of kilos to enter the swimsuit. It shows us our shame with a handful of principles of nutrition elementals that he has overturned in his new book Enraged Dietitian: Keys on food so you don’t be fooled (Zenith) No one better than her to deny the most common hoaxes and myths.

If you don’t lose weight it is because you lack will

To those who recriminate the person with obesity that what is lacking is willpower, Gomez responds that the willpower is the parents. Come on, it is not as easy as it seems and you have to put yourself in the skin of the one who has a weight problem. “Let’s go in parts. There is an unquestionable truth: if you force the machine and you completely remove the food, you lose weight. In the death camps there were no obese. But, fortunately, we are not in that situation. Eliminating a good part of the food intake generates unhappiness, without forgetting that it is complex in some special cases.Imagine a small woman with overweight, osteoarthritis and little muscle.As she is so tiny, her basal metabolism is low, she consumes few calories for the mere fact of living. ? Do I put a diet of 500 kilocalories to lose weight? First of all, they are going to lack half of the nutrients. ” Another example he mentions is that of the person who says “I have three children, I work twelve hours, it takes me one hour to go to work and it doesn’t give me life.” They tell him that to suffer for not eating they prefer to be fat. The dietitian-nutritionist points out that you need psychological help, a lot of support in your environment and sometimes even redraw your world.

Fruit gets fat after eating

We live in times of unjustified ‘fruit-phobia’. “An apple can add 80 kilocalories to lunch. Other fruits, just 40 kilocalories. And They are one of the main sources of vitamins, especially C, of ​​minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Its value will depend on the rest of the diet foods. “For the apostles of the ketogenic diet (the famous keto) suggests, at least, to accommodate fruits with few sugars and lots of vitamin C.” Strawberries and strawberries (7 grams of sugars and 60 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams) or blackcurrants (4.5 grams of sugars and 40 milligrams of vitamin C in the same amount). As for the order, it doesn’t matter if you take it before or after the meal. “

Spinach is rich in iron and calcium

“It is that they are not rich in iron! It all goes back to a mistake of many years ago in the transcription of the values ​​of nutritional composition in a food table. A huge snowball was created on a fault that united three concepts precious as spinach, iron and Popeye. And still survives today. ” Apart from this myth, you may also have heard that they are a good resource to get calcium if you leave dairy. Yes? Neither. “It is true that 100 grams of spinach contain 175 milligrams of calcium. But they are also rich in oxalates. Both come together in digestion forming Calcium oxalate stones that will prevent calcium absorption and can clog the kidney. Nothing happens if you take a day, but a diet high in spinach (for example, throwing a week based on green smoothies because you are on a ‘detox’ diet) can end up with a painful kidney problem. Another vegetable also high in oxatals is beets, which abounds in ‘red detox’ milkshakes.

Chocolate has antioxidants, it is good if it is black

How many times have you heard what, if you are on a diet and it gives you an uncontrollable craving for chocolate, Do you turn to the blackest you have on hand? You would do well to read the label before, you can find surprises. “The law only requires that they contain at least 35% cocoa. But you can run into that up to 50% of that tablet are sugars. Put it in your head: pure chocolate means no milk, not without everything else. So which, first, is to look at what ingredients it carries. If sugar goes ahead of cocoa, bad. ” The ingredients are ordered from greater to less presence in the composition of all products. Be careful if you have any type of sweetener. “If you put ‘honey-based’, you suspect. Because if there was only honey I would put ‘with honey’. Most likely, it also has fructose and glucose syrup.”

You can eat fat without stress (thank you, fat pills!)

“We have been selling weight loss pills for 100 years and it seems that no one realizes that they do not work. The last miracle pill is chitosan, a shell-based shellfish supplement that advertising sells as if it were a sponge that sucks fat from your eaters. Come on, you put yourself up to the eyebrows of bacon sandwiches, you take a chitosan pill and you run out of a catwalk model. “It is false. The chitosan is useless. It does not eliminate or block fat. FDA [la autoridad farmacéutica de Estados Unidos] has launched alerts against its use. And the European Food Health Agency agrees that it does not serve to regulate cholesterol or lose weight. The only one that works is the orlisat (marketed as Xenical). But we are already talking about a drug that must be prescribed and controlled by the endocrine. What they don’t tell you is that fat you don’t absorb, you have to excrete it and One of the side effects of this medicine are diarrhea. Let’s be sensible: obesity is a problem that is not solved by eating without a head and then getting crammed with pills. “

We are not able to process milk well

Is a half-truth. It is often said that we are the only animal that drinks milk after weaning, and that does not seem natural. But the Caucasian population has a mutation of a gene that makes it capable of producing lactase, the enzyme that assimilates these dairy products. Although, it is true that with age some are losing that capacity, it does not happen to everyone. That is why completely eliminating lactose in milk that is bought for the whole family is a big mistake. “When you stop taking lactose for a certain time, let’s say two years, you generate lactose intolerance. So, if lactose is eliminated in the family, in the end, the whole family ends up feeling bad because they have lost the ability to generate lactase. It happens with strict vegetarians when they decide to consume milk again. “Watch here because you can condemn your descendants to not be able to taste a sip of milk in their entire lives.

Enriched foods help growth

In other words: the classic cookies, cereals or cold meats enriched with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, omega 3 or whatever you put in between. If it is with the seal of a health association, better than better. “The food industry plays with the trick that there is very little nutritional education. If the father knew that it is not necessary to give the child iron-rich pate to fill the tanks because that mineral can be obtained in many other foods, he would not buy it. Neither that nor the buns enriched with 5 vitamins and iron. In which head it is necessary to eat industrial pastries in mansalva to get iron? “ Gómez warns of the difficulty of choosing the healthiest products when even the associations that have their activity in scientific fields stamp their stamps on those that are not. The enraged dietitian says that the Spanish Association of Pediatrics “endorses cookies with 20% sugar and made with refined flours, and the Spanish Heart Foundation does the same with cookies with phytosterols and 14 grams of sugar per 100 grams.”

Do not give your child soda with bubbles, give drinks for athletes

A birthday or a family meal arrives and the child is planted to drink a Nestea. Or an Aquarius. And parents so fresh because the bad thing is cola and carbonated soda, although there are no caffeine and no sugar. “It is a goal that has cast us marketing. Nestea is tea and it is supposed to have properties such as slimming or that elevate the Zen spirit. And the Aquarius sounds like peace, ‘hippism’ and healthy athlete’s life, although it’s not even any of this and it carries a lot of sugar. In the end, all are soft drinks. And from the nutritional point of view they are as little recommended as others. Nothing happens if it is a special day, as if you drink Coca-Cola. The bad thing is that it is of habitual consumption “. From the Sinazucar.org website they remind us that a can of Nestea has 25.4 grams of sugars, equivalent to 6.3 lumps. One of Aquarius, of 26 grams of sugar, equivalent to 6.5 lumps Coca-Cola Zero Zero (without caffeine and without sugar) contains sweeteners, no sugar and no caffeine.

If you do sports, eat protein in the two hours after exercise

It is the period of time that is known as metabolic window, and the raison d’être of the image of athletes leaving the gym with a protein shake under the arm. “The proteins have a slow digestion. They are complex molecules and it takes a long time until they are dismembered in smaller units that the body can assimilate. So, even if you suck the protein shake right out of the gym, it will take a few hours Let it take effect. The important thing is that during the day you consume the optimal protein for your daily activity. “

Dairy ‘anticolesterol’ are the best allies

“We demonize cholesterol without really knowing that it is nothing more than the carrier of blood fats, because fats, although they are also necessary, are not soluble in water. We differentiate between LDL (the ‘bad’) which is the in charge of bringing the fats to the tissues, and the HDL (the ‘good’), which is the one that removes the ones they don’t use. And then people become obsessed with having it at levels higher than 200 mg / dl. ” This fear starts, in his opinion, that many of the most widespread scientific studies are financed by the food industry to place products for lowering cholesterol. Like those bottles of milk preparation with phytosterols. “They are the vegetable counterpart of cholesterol. When taken, these phytosterols bind to the bile salts to be absorbed.” The cholesterol is hung without a partner for the dance and ends up excreted in the feces. “As cholesterol levels go down, the conclusion is that the problems for cardiovascular health have disappeared, right? Well, not at all. What is the use of a morbidly obese person having normal cholesterol If you obviously have an increased cardiovascular risk?

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