A teenager went blind after eating only Pringles, white bread and french fries. A driver accused in the case of a missing girl says the girl was sold for $ 10,000, according to police; The girl was found dead. We tell you what the people of Bahamas most need. This is what you should know to start the day. First the truth.

1. Grand Bahama before and after Dorian

A amazing satellite image The Grand Bahama Island shows vast areas of the underwater territory after Hurricane Dorian passed through the region on Monday – even one of the airports was underwater-. Look here What do its inhabitants need most?

In addition: we tell you where it goes Dorian, we introduce you to Fernand, the other storm that formed in the Gulf of Mexico, and don't forget to check our information minute by minute here.

2. How many civilians killed in Latin America are at the hands of state agents?

In 2017, 4,998 civilian deaths were recorded by State agents in Venezuela, 4,670 civilians killed in Brazil, 371 in Mexico, 407 in El Salvador and 169 in Colombia. These are the findings of the Monitor Use of Lethal Force in Latin America study, which made a comparative analysis between these five countries. Look here the main findings of the report and how it was made.

3. Walmart takes action on weapons

The largest retail company in the United States said thatstop selling ammunition for firearms and for short-barrel rifles after selling all your current inventory. Walmart will also stop selling guns in Alaska, the only state where it still did. And Walmart will request that customers no longer visibly carry weapons to their 4,700 stores in the United States, and their Sam’s Club stores, in states that allow weapons to be carried.

4. Do not drink these drinks if you want to live longer

A new study followed more than 450,000 people from 10 European countries for up to 19 years and found that those who drank two or more glasses of any type of soda a day had a higher risk of dying from any cause of death than people who drank less than one glass or no amount every month. None of the people involved in the study had cancer, diabetes, heart disease or had strokes before their participation. The study was published Tuesday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, see more details here.

5. YouTube fights hate speech

Despite instituting a stricter policy around hate content in June, YouTube has been criticized for doing very little and not providing enough transparency. In a blog post this Tuesday, YouTube said it had removed more than 100,000 videos and more than 17,000 channels for violating his hate speech rules between April and June, which is five times more than he eliminated in the last three months. Also removed more than 500 million hate speech comments.

At coffee time

Teen goes blind after eating only Pringles, white bread and french fries

Eating a diet of French fries, Pringles and white bread was enough for a teenager I lost my sight, according to a study published in a medical journal.

Progress of bill that reduces working hours to 40 hours in Chile

The bill seeks to reduce working time per week. The national government opposes, but also works on a project to reduce working hours.

Kristen Stewart reveals that she was told not to hold her girlfriend's hand in public

Kristen Stewart says she just wants to enjoy life, even if that comes with some of the not-so-great moments of fame, like people who ask what it is. your sexual orientation.

Cancer is now the number 1 cause of death in these countries

New research, published Tuesday in The Lancet, found that cancer deaths are now more common than those caused by cardiovascular diseases in some high and middle income countries, including Chile, Argentina, Sweden, Canada, Poland and Turkey.

Justin Bieber talks about his use of ‘heavy drugs’ in a revealing post

In a long and detailed Instagram post on Monday, the superstar singer talked about the difficulties of having come to fame at an early age and how it collapsed.

The day's figure

$ 10,000

A woman is detained after the disappearance and death of a girl in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. Paul Johnson, the girl's father, said the driver of a shared trip, Sharena Nancy, kidnapped her daughter on Saturday night, according to police documents and a press release. However, according to the complaint, Nancy told detectives that Johnson sold the girl to an individual for $ 10,000 and who asked him to complete the delivery.

The date of the day


President Donald Trump called London Mayor Sadiq Kahn "incompetent" after he criticize for playing golf while several states of the country are under alert for the passage of Hurricane Dorian.

And to finish

Dramatic bailouts in Bahamas after the passage of Hurricane Dorian

The hurricane Dorian left a wake of destruction in the Bahamas Dorian was demoted to category 2 this Tuesday. Dramatic moments were lived in several of its islands.



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