If you are a taxpayer with a balance to pay on the 2018 income tax, do not delay!
If you are a taxpayer with a balance to pay on the 2018 income tax, do not delay! (Photo François Destoc)

The administration has sent you this year your 2018 income tax notice. If you are a taxpayer with a balance to pay, be careful! The levy will not be automatic. Action is expected from you by September 18th.

I can have a balance to pay on the income tax of 2018. TRUE

The tax notice you received this summer, by mail or directly in your particular online space, does not apply to the 2019 income for which you are deducted at source. It corresponds to the taxation of the income you received in 2018 and which you reported last spring. Even if current income has been erased due to the "white year", you may have a balance to pay. For example, if you have received exceptional income in 2018 (salary and salary reminders, bonuses, retirement benefits, etc.). Or if the advance of reductions and tax credits you received in early 2019 was too high (the "overpayment" is then claimed). In total, 2.8 million households (out of nearly 38 million) are concerned.

If I was taken automatically in the past, I have nothing to do. FALSE

As a result of the year of transition, all the monthly contracts have been canceled. Even if the administration knows your bank details, no automatic payment will be made to your account for the payment of the balance. An action is expected from you. If you have not done anything yet, do not delay! You have until September 18 to regularize your situation. Initially, it was September 16, but Bercy decided Thursday to give two more days to taxpayers concerned. It must be said that for the moment, only one in three has paid his due.

I can use any means of payment. IT DEPENDS

If the amount of the balance is less than or equal to 300 €, you can pay by any means of payment (including cash). But if the sum is higher, you will have no choice and will have to make the payment online on the internet, smartphone or tablet. Good news: the dematerialized payment offers additional time (until September 23). If you do not have access to the internet, computers are available in your public finance center or in a service house. An agent can help you.

If I have a doubt, I can help myself. TRUE

If you have any questions, you can call 0 809 401 401 (free service + call costs) from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 7 pm You can also contact your Public Finance Center directly.


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