20 minutes – Tied passengers in Swiss corona aircraft

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There were clashes on one of the Swiss chartered flights chartered by the federal government to retrieve them abroad, which required multiple police operations. Two passengers were only allowed to fly bound.

As the “Blick” reports, the two fell short of other passengers shortly after the start in Bogotá. According to an eyewitness, there have been loud arguments in the plane because of a seat back that has been reset.

The crew had also been tackled by the two. The eyewitness says of the two unteachable people that they were apparently under the influence of drugs.

Already tied up in the Dominican Republic

Already during a stopover in the Dominican Republic, they wanted to throw the two rioters out of the plane, which was not possible due to the closed borders. The local police then tied them up. After landing in Zurich, they were handed over to the Zurich Cantonal Police.




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