The natural gas industry is witnessing tremendous positive changes in Egypt, especially during the last two years, with the increase of natural gas production, which reached its highest level in September, and the expansion of gas uses in the local market after self-sufficiency of production and provide a surplus for export. Research, exploration and production of natural gas during the year which were as follows ..

Natural gas production reached its highest level in September, reaching 7.2 billion cubic feet of gas for the first time.

2 – Assigning 5 new areas for the search for natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile Delta to a number of international companies within the auction whose results were announced last February.

3- ExxonMobil, one of the largest companies in the world to work for the first time in Egypt in research and exploration.

4- Preparing to launch new areas for gas search in the Mediterranean Sea in a global bid during the current fiscal year 2019/2020.

5. Delineation of 4 regions in the Eastern Mediterranean.

6. Completion of procedures for 11 regions of the Western Mediterranean out of a total of 15 regions.

7 – Completion of the procedures for the signing of 7 new gas search agreements with international companies in preparation for final signing during the last quarter of 2019.

8. The minimum investment volume for the 7 agreements related to gas exploration, which will be signed by the end of this year, 712 million dollars to drill 23 exploration wells.

9 – Achieve 15 new gas discoveries by 5 discoveries in the Mediterranean and 10 discoveries in Western Sahara.

10 – Completion of 7 projects for the development and production of natural gas and placed on the map of production, which added production throughout the year estimated at 1.3 billion cubic feet of gas per day and 2155 barrels of condensate per day to the current production.

11-Seven gas production projects during the year contributed to the self-sufficiency of natural gas achieved in Egypt at the end of September 2018.

12-Achieve a 21% increase in Egypt's natural gas production during the fiscal year 2018/2019 compared to the previous fiscal year.

13- Continued upward increase in gas production during the current fiscal year 2019/2020.

14. Completed projects totaled $ 10.6 billion.

15-Projects include the completion of the stages of the production of the field of Dahr, the second phase of the fields of North Alexandria and West Nile Delta, early production of stage 9 deep water in the West Delta and the second phase of the field of Desouk and the project of Abu Madadi Jameel line to transfer the production of Gull field to the treatment plant in the area of ​​Gemayel Port Said.

16. Completion of the second phase of the seismic survey project for the Western Mediterranean region with a total of 22,000 km.

17- Implementation of a two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic survey in the Nile Delta region.

18-Satisfy the full needs of domestic consumption of natural gas for all different consumption sectors to reach about 6 billion cubic feet of gas per day in 2018/2019 of which more than 62% for the electricity sector and direct more than 22% for industry, 10% for petrochemical and gas derivatives projects and 5% For home consumption and auto supply.

19- Double the natural gas delivery rates for houses and converting cars to work with gas to reach the total housing units that have been connected since the beginning of the activity to date 10 million housing units, including more than one million and 230 thousand housing units during the year, the highest rate of delivery since the beginning of the activity, and was delivered to 40 An industrial facility and 1841 commercial establishments, and about 32.3 thousand cars were converted to gas as the highest rate reached.

20- Continuing the expansion projects in the national natural gas network in light of the important role it plays in transporting and supplying all consumers with their natural gas needs and the need to keep pace with the continuous increase in Egypt's production of natural gas to reach the total length of its main lines to about 7800 kilo. Executing and operating new natural gas pipeline projects with a length of more than 232 km at an investment cost of LE 3.9 billion.


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