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She was seriously injured in a road accident in Samer (Pas-de-Calais) on Monday night, an 18-month-old girl died last night. At the same time, the state of health of his 3-year-old brother has deteriorated. Their parents are still in custody.

The young victim aged only 18 months was brain dead, Hanëya finally died on the night of Wednesday to Thursday indicates The voice of the North. She was in her parents' car with the other two children of the couple on Monday night at Samer when the mother who was driving violently hit the pillar of a railway bridge around 8 pm rue de Neufchâtel.

The five occupants were injured, the 18-month-old girl more seriously. In the hospital, the parents fled, abandoning their three children. They were finally arrested on Wednesday around 14 hours.

Drunk and without a driver's license

The blood tests carried out in the hospital before the flight of the couple in the night from Monday to Tuesday, showed that the mother was drunk "manifest" explained the deputy public prosecutor. In addition, the latter did not hold a driving license.

An "assassination attempt" shortly before the accident

The couple is also accused of an "assassination attempt," the prosecution said. The implicated stabbed a man with whom they had appointment in Boulogne, shortly before the tragic accident. The victim would be a former companion or the lover of the mother.

Moreover, the latter was already known to the courts since she had been sentenced in 2011 for a specific armed robbery France 3.

The 3-year-old boy suffered from brain damage

The condition of the deceased girl's brother, aged 3, has deteriorated in recent hours. He was transferred to the University Hospital of Lille and suffered from brain damage, which could lead to "hemiplegia" mentioned the floor. It is a paralysis of one or more parts of the body, on one side only.

The third child is out of danger, he is still hospitalized.


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