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Tuesday 03 September 2019


If you notice some sudden changes in some areas of your body, you may be alerted early to some health disorders, so experts advise you to consult a doctor if they do not disappear quickly, according to Sky News.

Cracking of the tongue is one of the health indicators, which should not be overlooked, because this shift in oral health alerts to the occurrence of dehydration, ie not drinking enough water.

If the cracks occur along with hair loss and some swelling, there may be an alert for thyroid disorders.

If you see lines or changes in the color of the nails, you should consult a doctor, because this change may be an indication of internal bleeding or near the incidence of skin cancer.

When you notice blackness in the skin folds in several areas of the body, such as the neck, this is an indicator of insulin resistance, that is, humans become more susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

When "fatty pills" appear in the lower chin, this is a possible sign of hormone imbalance in women, and men often experience this rash due to testosterone abnormalities.

In another shift, be aware of the change in the brow bristles, because the loss of significant, may be indicative of a deficiency in the work of the thyroid gland, which affects hormones and hair growth, according to the site "Holved"

If some blisters appear on the skin and have not disappeared despite several attempts to treatment, it is likely to be an indication of a possible incidence of cancer cell base, but this cancer is not very complex, and can be treated effectively if the diagnosis at an early stage.

Doctors say women who notice hair in some areas of the face, such as the mustache area, should pay attention because this shift is likely to predict polycystic ovary syndrome, a known hormonal imbalance.

If you feel sudden pain or swelling in the fingers, this may be a possible sign of lung cancer, and the appearance of yellowing in the skin and the white part of the eye may lead to disorders in the liver.

If you notice a large appearance of dark circles under the eye, you are invited to pay attention to your diet and take enough sleep, because this change warns of great stress to the body.



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