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Zika: the virus diagnosed for the first time in a pregnant woman in Catalonia

This mosquito infected pregnant women in Catalonia, returning from a trip to Colombia. This mosquito infected pregnant women in Catalonia, returning from a trip to Colombia. PHOTO / AFP / Marvin Recinos

This Thursday, a woman at thirteen or fourteen weeks of pregnancy, in Colombia return trip, was diagnosed with the Zika virus according to the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia .

The information is actively taken up by our colleagues on the other side of the border. According to El Mundo, the first attack of the pregnant patient Zika “is currently receiving treatment.” This is the first known case of infected pregnant women reported in Europe. On this continent, if dozens have already been reported among returnees in Latin America, but no cases of pregnant women had previously been reported.

  • ” strong suspicion “of microcephaly in the fetus

This case is the most alarming since it would weigh in ” strong suspicion “ at the microcephaly fetus of a pregnant woman infected during the first trimester of pregnancy, as highlighted Margaret Chan, director of the World health Organization (WHO). Thus, the WHO (World Health Organization) said earlier this week the international public health emergency for the causal link between malformations and newborns.

The Department of Public Health, scientific societies and medical centers work together on the detection and treatment of this virus on potential patients.

  • Six infected patients in Catalonia

This Thursday yet, according to La Vanguardia, in the first case of pregnant patient reaching the Zika virus adds another. In Catalonia, they are now six, four men and two women, to be contaminated with the virus following a trip in one of the epidemiological alert countries.

The Ministry of Health of the Generalitat said that this infection is not a danger to public health of the Catalan population as currently “there is no possible transmission of the virus” or expected in the coming weeks.

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