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Zika and microcephaly: the insecticide in question?

How can Zika virus cause Guillain-Barré and microcephaly among newborns? It will take several weeks before the link is established, warned yesterday the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global emergency response to the epidemic.

Rife mainly in Latin America the latter has already affected more than one million people in Brazil, the country most affected. Its symptoms are long-known, similar to those of dengue but relatively benign fever, headache, body aches … But in recent months, Zika is also suspected to cause fetal malformations in pregnant women

<. h4> cases mainly located in the northeast of Brazil

blame the Zika, carried by mosquitoes? This is the preferred theory, but two teams of doctors – one Argentine another Brazilian – just throw a stone into the pond. Rather than the virus itself, they suspect … the mosquito treatment to be behind the increase in cases of microcephaly.

Specifically, they point the finger pyriproxyfen, a product insecticide by a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto. Stopping the development of mosquito larvae, it is rumored by Brazilian authorities in the water areas of the northeast since 2014.

“The defects detected in thousands of children born to pregnant women in areas where the Brazilian State pyriproxyfen added to drinking water is not a coincidence – although the Department of Health directly incriminates the Zika virus, “accusing the Argentine doctors, who further notes that despite the presence virus in British no case of microcephaly are saved. Denouncing the lobbying of multinational chemistry, they also note that the first reported cases of microcephaly date back to 2015, a few months after the introduction of pyriproxyfen.

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