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You are looking for a job? The civil security is recruiting 90 people


You are between 18 and 25 years and a good team spirit? You may be interested in one of the 90 jobs UIISC7 to be filled.

“We are looking for cooks and servers, this is quite urgent, secretaries, mechanics, drivers”, indicates the warrant officer Sébastien, the cell recruitment of the UIISC7, Alpes 1 on Tuesday 10 October.

The compensation is of the order of 800 euros per month for contracts of Voluntary Army (VDAT) and 1,400 euros from the first contract as a Volunteer of the Army (EVAT).

The recruitment is done on a file basis and not by competition. Your application is to be sent to a CIRFA (Information centre and Recruitment of the Armed Forces).

recruiters UIISC7 of Brignoles, will be in Gap, place Alsace Lorraine, on Saturday 14 October from 13: 30 to 17: 30. They are also available in the

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