“What’s Aleppo? “The United States, the Libertarian candidate yet hollow

 Gary Johnson, September 3, 2016 in Iowa.

Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico and presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, has no chance of winning the election. Voting intentions for it vary between 8% and 13%, according to various polls. It would take him 15% claim to participate in candidate debates, the first of which will be held at the end of the month.

It’s still part of the political game. He was the guest of the morning show of MSNBC, Thursday, September 8, where he offered viewers an unreal scene.

Here is the translation of his exchange with a regular guest on the show, journalist Mike Barnicle policy

“. – What would you do if you were elected at about Aleppo

– about …

-. Aleppo

– And what, Aleppo

– are you kidding

– No.

– Aleppo is a city of Syria. This is the epicenter of the refugee crisis

-. Oh, okay, okay. “

Mr. Johnson then somehow developed his views on the Syrian crisis: for him, the best solution would be to ally with Russia. Another reporter asked him if he thinks that a candidate for president can afford to ignore where Aleppo is, and why this city is important in international affairs today. “I understand Aleppo” , says the non-interventionist candidate and expert in dodging.

“But when you get involved militarily in these humanitarian issues we end up with a situation that is no better, and often worse. “

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The” Titanic “the live interview

at first glance, one might think that this is a provocation on the part of a candidate who preach isolationism and do not want to place the Syria at the heart of the debate. “What’s Aleppo? “ would therefore be a way of saying” does not interest voters . ” But staring Mr. Johnson seems to say something else. It really does not seem to know what Aleppo.

“It is possible that he simply had a hole heard this word, he has not made the transition in his head quickly enough “ says Washington Post. And it has happened. A reporter from the New Yorker who spent a long July portrait Gary Johnson told the situation had already brought about the abolitionist and former slave Harriet Tubman. At the end of a rally, Johnson called “is Harriet Tubman? “ before remembering moments after she was soon to be on the $ 20 bills.

But the theory of memory lapse seems a little indulgent. “It’s a way – very generous – read this sequence,” judge the Washington Post , which considers that any candidate for the highest political office in the United States should namely, first, that Aleppo is a city but also where it is.

“The English language lacks words to describe something who was already really bad and that, somehow, becomes a much worse blow. It’s like the “Titanic” had exploded after starting to sink. “

After the show, Gary Johnson was arrested as he left the building of the chain by journalist Mark Halperin. The candidate said he was unhappy with his performance, and he recognized the need to become “ smarter ” on certain issues. “Nobody takes me more seriously than me. I feel bad. “ He then said in a statement:

” I thought of an acronym. I had a blackout. It happens and it will happen again during this campaign. Should I know all the cities in Syria? No. Should I have identified Aleppo? Yes. Do I understand the difference? Yes. “

Online, jokes, puns, more or less funny and outraged tweets – about the level of the campaign and politics in general – quickly emerged, grouped under the hashtag #whatsaleppo. Gary Johnson’s campaign team has tried to minimize the damage. “It was a hiccup” , said its spokesman, quoted by Politico . Some were not private to reconcile with one of Gary Johnson pet peeves, the legalization of marijuana, which he assumes to be a regular consumer and assumed.

The biter

Everyone or almost fell on Gary Johnson, but some are better taken it than others. The New York Times wanted to correct, and that’s where the drama is knotted. Aleppo is actually the theater complex and volatile events since the beginning of the war, there are more than five years. therefore said quickly nonsense: “Aleppo is the de facto capital of the Islamic State” , first wrote the New York Times in an article that mocks when even many of the fault of the applicant. No luck, the capital “ de facto ” of the Islamic State in Syria’s Raqqa.

Mocked by readers, the newspaper rushed to publish an erratum.

then they then released the very rare “erratum erratum” because they wrote in their correction Aleppo was “the capital of Syria” instead of Damascus. Really, no luck

to the question “what is, Aleppo? “Here are some factual answers:

  • Aleppo is Syria’s second city in the north, where there are still 1 million civilians
  • Part. the city held by rebels since 2012. the city is divided in two since.
  • this “rebel zone” located in the east is surrounded by the Syrian army in October 2015, supported ground by Iranian forces and Shiite militiamen foreigners, and in the air by the Russian aviation. More than 300,000 civilians live in these neighborhoods.
  • The battles of violence has intensified since the end of July, the rebels seeking to break the siege, recently restored by the loyalist army.
  • The humanitarian situation is catastrophic. The situation of siege prevented the delivery of food and medical care to civilians. The Russian aviation destroyed hospitals and systematically pounded all the civilian infrastructure in the rebel areas. According to the opposition, chlorine barrels were dropped on the area Sokari, September 6.
  • International negotiations for a truce in Syria are deadlocked. They must take, especially between the US and Russia on 8 and 9 September. In an emergency, the cease-fire are claimed to be able to deliver humanitarian aid and evacuate people

Our decryption. Aleppo in the waiting for the decisive battle

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