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What is “space fever,” the mysterious disease that affects astronauts

A recent study shows that people suffer from an unexplained affection when they spend a lot of time in space.

The health of astronauts has long been investigated. The risk to people who go into space is still limiting the possibility of long-term missions.
We already know that astronauts who spend a lot of time in space suffer from muscular atrophy and visual disturbances.
But a new research also shows another health problem, yet inexplicable: astronauts have a higher body temperature.
During space missions that last longer, astronauts get fever, with body temperature up to 1 degrees Celsius higher than normal, according to IFL Science.
Experts believe that fever occurs because in our conditions of zero gravity our body can not cool effectively, because sweat does not evaporate.
At the same time, astronauts have an inflammation in the body, and doctors believe the state of imponderability is confused by the body with an infection. Hence the strange reaction – inflammation and fever.
It is not yet clear why the fever of space appears, but the problem can be extremely serious, because in some cases astronauts had a body temperature that exceeded 40 degrees Celsius.
The risk is even greater because they are forced to do physical exercise every day, otherwise the bones and muscles will be destroyed by the lack of gravity. And sustained physical effort increases even more body temperature.
Besides the vital risk of persistent fever, it also seriously affects the physical and congenial performance of astronauts during missions.
The study was conducted by an international team of researchers under the coordination of the University of Berlin and the conclusion was published in Scientific Reports.

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