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What are the “stars” e-traders of the Black Friday on mobile?

France Net Infos unveils a study: on the e-retailers “stars” of Black Friday on mobile?

Top 10 mobile e-commerce sites in Market shares based on the number of unique visitors *

  • Amazon dominates the ranking: the mobile site of the American giant is visited by more than 2/3 of mobile users.
  • The “traditional” French brands are well positioned. Fnac and Darty are in the top 5, which shows that these brands have achieved their digital transformation with some success.
  • French brands « pure player The Internet, such as Cdiscount and PriceMinister, posted uneven but substantial performance with mobile traffic of 41.2% and 11.7% respectively.

# 1 Amazon


# 2 Cdiscount


# 3 Fnac


# 4 Darty


# 5 eBay


# 6 Baker


# 7 PriceMinister


# 8 Shopping street


# 9 GOAL


# 10 Aliexpress


Top 5 e-commerce mobile apps on Black Friday Day (Friday, November 24)

Market shares based on application downloads *

  • Fnac and Darty show a lower performance in the ranking of mobile applications, which contrasts with good results recorded by both brands on their respective mobile sites. The applications of the two e-commerce players have not generated a significant commitment from consumers.
  • Amazon supplants its competitors on mobile, whether through its application or site.
  • Cdiscount has capitalized on Black Friday to position its application to the second of this ranking.

# 1 Amazon Shopping


# 2 Cdiscount Shopping


# 2 AliExpress Shopping


# 4 Fnac


# 5 eBay


Methodology: The study examines the habits of 700,000 mobile users during the Black Friday period between November 10th and November 29th.

* The total of visits / downloads can reach 100%: a mobile user is likely to visit several sites during the studied period.


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