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“What are the gypsies of Perpignan ?”, six months in prison for incitement to hatred

“what IS the purpose of the gypsies of Perpignan ?”, six months in prison for incitement to hatred

once again, Rodolphe Crevelle was not shown yesterday to the criminal court of Perpignan to the statement of his judgment.

Without even split this time of a letter from the same claw-sharp with which he drafted the two folders successively published in The petit journal catalan in August 2015, a stigma, in turn, the community african and gypsy of the district of Saint – Jacques under the titles : “The Martians want to take him his coffee, ” and ” Ten years after the riots : what are the gypsies of Perpignan ? “.

The writings for which Rodolphe Crevelle, 60 years old, but also Alain Paga, age 68, director of the publication, were eventually convicted of incitement to hatred and discrimination. The first, with a locker already in charge of a twenty notices for defamation and insult, has been sentenced for all the offences to 6 months in prison without development and a 20 000 euro fine.

The second (defended by Me Paré), showing him as a liability for infringement of a work of art, and for a list of slanders against individuals or institutions, has been sentenced to a total of two months farm and 20 000 € fine. In addition, all the civil parties have been received. 1 500 € in damages and interest have been allocated to the Association of the merchants of the place Cassanyes and 2 000 € to the committee of animation of the place du Puig, represented by mr. Olivier Amiel, as well as 2 000 € to the League of the rights of man, assisted by Me Mathieu Rouillard.


  • ” He deserved to reap what he has sown ”

This is a sentence heavy, and deserved, reacted to Me Olivier Amiel (or the last folder before going to omit it temporarily from the bar to devote himself to his function as elected). in addressing, by two articles that are racist, to the inhabitants the gypsies and traders of the maghreb to the quartier Saint-Jacques, an ideologue of the extreme right believed to be able to destabilize a neighborhood still scarred by the clashes of 2005. They have found in front of them of Tearooms states, not supporting more that it spoils the image of the neighborhood and we are trying to divide them “.

I’m very proud of our justice system, which has taken a decision in the right direction, adds Aziz Sebhaoui, president of the merchants of the place Cassanyes. in This man deserved to reap what he has sown hatred and division. This article tore me to the heart, that my injury is healed by this judgment. And I’m happy “.

I am very happy, ” says Joseph Saadna, chairman of the committee of animation of the place du Puig. the It has really been a shock in the gypsy community in all Perpignan and it has made the tour de France, it is unacceptable. It is said the gypsies, but we are French citizens. We do not want compensation, but it should be really condemned for what he has done “.

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