What are the chances we have to build the Viper, the most advanced attack helicopters in the world


general Manager of IAR Ghimbav, Neculai Banea, says that the first meeting with the americans took place on 15 January when specialists at the Bell they came in a first visit in Romania. “We were handed a questionnaire and more to come. Probably going to go to them. They want to see how much of the production of the helicopter AH-1Z Viper can be transferred and integrated,” he explained Banya for “the Truth”.
production Plans depend on the size of your order
the Director general of the AND the say, however, that the percentage of integration of the production facilities in Romania is influenced by the size of the order final made by the Romanian Government. “If the Romanian Air force will order 24 units, as it is now known, will be a degree of integration in Romania, even in the horizontal, and if it will order 48 pieces, such as another variant, the percentage of parts and subassemblies manufactured in Romania will be much higher. Obviously, we want to integrate as much”, showing Neculai Banea. Anyway, the contract is Government type-Government, similar to the one for systems of missile Patriot and, according to the law, after the contract will be completed and the helicopters are delivered, the maintenance and repairs will be made in Romania, said Neculai Banea.
does Not affect the contract with Airbus
“These contacts with the american side does not affect the general contract with Airbus helicopters’ multi-role H215, variant 215M (military)”, concluded the director-general AND the.
And Mihai Fifor, the minister of National Defence, said last year that the two programs of equipping the army with the two types of helicopters can coexist. “Very important is the cooperation that we have with IAR Ghimbav, namely Airbus, for the purchase of helicopters of medium class (…). On the other hand, were signed the first documents with a company famous in the field of production of helicopters, I mean the Bell Helicopters (…). It is, basically, for the first time when this company would produce the helicopters outside of the United States and they want to bring in Romania a production line,” he said.
Recall that in august 2017, Defense minister, prime minister and other Romanian officials have signed a letter of intent for price and availability for purchase by the Romanian Air force attack helicopters from Bell Helicopters, the document which was to be addressed by the U.S. government.
In equipping US Marines Corps
AH-1Z Viper is one of the most advanced attack helicopters, found only in equipping the marine corps of the United States of America, famous US Marines Corps.The helicopter is one twin-engined and is a modernised variant of the helicopter Bell AH-1 SuperCobra developed in collaboration with the United States Marine Corps. The price of a unit is between 27 and 31 million dollars, depending on the variant. In time, beside the LIGHTHOUSE, the air forces of several countries have announced willingness to purchase this type of helicopter. It is about Australia, Poland, Thailand or Morocco.

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