Waste treatment : the administrative court rejects The application for the suspension of the CIREST against the CINOR


The administrative court has ruled in the conflict opposing the CINOR to the CIREST. At the centre of this conflict : the future waste treatment centre. The administrative tribunal gave reason to the CINOR.

This folder between Jean-Paul Virapoullé and Gérard Jersey, the presidents of the CIREST and the CINOR. At the heart of this arm of iron : the trade Union of Waste in the North East of The Meeting (SYDNE) with the Cinor and the Cirest which has approved a contract for approximately a quarter of a billion euros for a period of 15 years with the company Inovest to the benefits of sorting, treatment, storage, landfill, recovery of non-hazardous waste.

Jean-Paul Virapoullé, President of the Cirest and 1st vice-President, SYDNE had appealed to the administrative court in order to obtain the suspension, and in a second time the cancellation, suspension, and in a second time cancellation.

Jean-Paul Virapoullé commented on his decision :

This is a contract for almost a quarter of a billion euros without advertising or competition that will allow a private company to fully fund its equipment.

I can’t remain without respond in the face of a contract with a private company that goes from 2019 to increase the processing loads by 17% and consequently, the TEOM (Fee for Removal of Household Waste). The evidence obtained under duress and the account-drop show that this is only the first remedy, because this contract is full of clauses which pose a financial risk exorbitant on the union.

as an elected representative I take my responsibilities to the people of the East. Responses that do not wish to bring me democratically the SYDNE, I will get it by the court.”

But the judge in the administrative court considered that it was not justified by the illegality of the award procedure for the contract and thereby dismissed the appeal of the suspension of the CIREST.

A decision as soon as commented by the SYDNE : “The Administrative Court comes to speak in favour of Sydne in the contract with Inovest, for the development of the sort that is optimized in the North and East. Actually, Sydne, Union of treatment of the waste collected by the CINOR and the CIREST, anticipated the limitation of landfilling to The Meeting and expands the market of sorting optimized alternative.

Jean-Paul Virapoulé, President of the CIREST and Vice-President of Sydne had filed an interlocutory suspension. Today, the Administrative Court comes to make its decision and confirms that this market is in total compliance with the public procurement Code. Contracted for 15 years, this contract will ensure the processing of 2 100 000 tons of waste. This is the culmination of a negotiation of several months, in which the elected officials of Sydne, Jean-Paul Virapoulé, have been associated.

This decision will enable the proper place of this project in the interest of environmental preservation of our island”.

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