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VIDEO. Death of Johnny Hallyday: The moving words of Laeticia Hallyday announcing the death of the singer

Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday – PATRICK KOVARIK / AFP
Johnny Hallyday died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at the age of 74, due to lung cancer. Here is the statement written by his wife Laeticia, addressed to AFP.

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“Johnny Hallyday is gone. Jean-Philippe Smet died on the night of December 5, 2017. I write these words without believing. And yet, that’s it. My man is no more. He leaves us tonight as he has lived throughout his life, with courage and dignity. Until the last moment, he stood up to the disease that had been gnawing at him for months, giving us all extraordinary life lessons. The heart beating so hard in a body of rocker who will have lived a whole life without concession for the stage, for its public, for those who adulate it and those who love it “, writes the wife of the rocker.

“My man is no more. The father of our two little girls, Jade and Joy, is gone. Laura’s dad and David closed his eyes. His blue eyes will illuminate our home and our souls again and again. Today, out of respect and love for this extraordinary man who was mine for more than 22 years, to perpetuate his passion for life, thrills, emotions without half measure, we unite all our prayers, and our hearts. We think of him so much that he will always be by our side, with those who listen to him, sing and cherish him forever. Johnny was a man out of the ordinary. It will remain so thanks to you. Above all, do not forget it. He is and will remain with us forever. My love, I love you so much. ”

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