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Verdict tough of a former priest in English: “Kissing dead bodies chopped up it is one of the most odious forms of expression of human aspirations”


”the Phenomenon in question is welcome, because it helps us to understand more easily the past: If now, in the 21st century, a simple as charismatic as A. Boca could generate such a cult, the dead being!, without having to do anything!, I wonder how much more in the end with the 1400 or 2000 years ago, when humans were not even close to OUR LEVEL of education and access to information?”, wrote Ion Aion, the author of the book “Confession of an atheist”.
the Former priest shares with us his own vision on the degree of evolution reached by the Romanian society, which I outline in terms as hard.
”But that’s our level? Of Romania as a whole? It’s a society in which, behold, the witches thrive. In which the relics are worshipped like she has seen all the middle Ages (and practice this, the kissing of dead bodies chopped up, it’s one of the most odious forms of expression of human aspirations). In which we build the largest cathedrals in the world, another occupation in the middle Ages remembered, when the norwegians and other primitive turned them on their own in libraries or museums”, write the Ion Aion.
Under this alias is former priest Ilie Toader, a graduate of Theology and of classical Languages, professor of ancient Greek, phd student in literary and cultural studies. He served at the Church of Banu in Buzău until he chose to resign and then to move their speech on Facebook. His messages became viral, some of them disagree with what they are posting, the others being of the same opinion.
Here is the posting on Faebook to ”the priest’s atheist”

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