Valls and Macron forced to join forces to defend the bill on labor law

 French Eco Minister Emmanuel Macron economy and Prime Minister Manuel Valls to the National Assembly on 14 February 2015. ALAIN JOCARD / AFPnomy and Industry Minister Emmanuel Macron (L) speaks with Prime minister Manuel Valls as they expect a working session on the Macron's law at the French National Assembly in Paris on February 14, 2015 Macron is try trying to push through a controversial series of laws That he hopes will, in His words, & quot; unblock. & quot; France's economy, qui est Suffering from high unemployment and sluggish growth These include a proposal to allow shops to open on up to 12 Sundays a year INSTEAD of the current five AFP PHOTO /

the economy minister, Emmanuel Macron, and the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, the national Assembly, on 14 February. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

Manuel Valls forced to eat his hat? The question is obviously on everyone’s lips since Matignon announced Monday, February 29, postponement of Bill El Khomri, to be presented by the Cabinet on 9 March.

The fact is that the mobilization of part of the left, combined with the threat of a strong union agitation, which were likely to add student protests, led Matignon to retreat. This is not glorious, but before judging, waiting for the end of the story. It is not yet written

Because it remains in an old Manuel Valls rocardien background. After showing muscles, the Prime Minister wants to negotiate well, as he learned the former Prime Minister, it has long served. Valls hussar well have proclaimed the break between two left, became in his “irreducible”, it does not break, called the contrary unions and socialists to the negotiating table, to save what can be text. It will not be the Villepin Francois Hollande. It will not be the Prime Minister who, like Bonaparte, had gone swords in February 2006 in the battle lost the first contract hires.

The reform yes, but not without dialogue

the moult is more interesting than it is Emmanuel Macron, another disciple of Michel Rocard, who has blown him the day before in an interview with Sunday newspaper . The economy minister, also fervent supporter of the release of the labor market, also defended the idea that the reform was not intangible, the need “listen, observe” unions says otherwise temporize, negotiate.

this is what he himself had done when, at Bercy appointed in August 2014 to succeed Arnaud Montebourg, he had requested and received a delay to rebuild Act growth that started to fire in certain occupations. The reform yes, but not without dialogue or explanation.

We obviously can not exclude that by distilling his moderation and public boards, Emmanuel Macron has wanted revenge of 49-3 that executive, including the Prime Minister, had imposed on its own law in June 2015. it can not be excluded that, ardent advocate of reform but denied permission to defend himself, he wanted to have with downstream of the Elysee, give a lesson to a governance Prime Minister a little too personal. But the key is not there

“Social Reform” and propitiation

Valls and Macron have a common interest. Misunderstandings that are up, the text to be presented to the Cabinet and then approved by Parliament and finally applied. The first because he chose to carry the reform banner as proof that its “social reform” was going to win the bet. The latter because it does not appear as the propitiation of a text that would have escaped him from start to finish

In fact, the two main provisions that are in the crosshairs of unions -. The prud’homales cap compensation for unfair dismissal and definition of economic dismissal – are those that Emmanuel Macron had defended internally to try to restore the confidence of business leaders but without obtaining the right to make pedagogy <. / p>

Now the two men are bound up: they must negotiate and pedagogy, to support, fix what is not happening and strengthen what may appear as a social progress: the personal account of activity, the beginning of a career security.

this is what they learned Rocard. They no longer have to go to the lab.

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