Valls: a planned attack foiled by a search permissible by the state of emergency

Valls: a planned attack foiled by a search permissible by the state of emergency


A foiled planned attacks in France in recent months has been “through administrative search” conducted under the state of emergency, said Friday Prime Minister Manuel Valls defending the entrenchment of this exceptional regime established after the killings of 13 November.

the dies are destabilized. many individuals are identified and placed under surveillance. Moreover, one of the foiled terrorist plans could be through an administrative search, conducted under the state of emergency , “argued the head of government before the national Assembly.

Prime Minister did not specify the forum for what business he was referring, but according to several sources Mr. Valls was arrested in December in Tours, of Chechen 27 years appearing in a video where he threatened the officers. This man, who had been under house arrest after the jihadist attacks of 13 November in Paris, was charged and remanded in custody on December 18 for criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise.

during an administrative search of his home, made possible by the state of emergency, the police had found a video where he was allegiance to the Islamic state jihadist organization (EI), and another where he threatened police according to a source close to the investigation. “It was clearly intended to take action,” said a government source, confirming that the Prime Minister was the case. During his detention, the man did not dispute having posted his videos but assured that he had no intention to take action, according to investigators. This procedure is one of three counter-terrorism investigations triggered after administrative searches in the context of the state of emergency. Incidentally, Manuel Valls gave an encrypted latest assessment of the state of emergency: 3.289 administrative searches, seized 560 weapons including 42 military weapons, 341 police custody, 571 and 407 open judicial proceedings house arrest.

For the Prime Minister, “ tribunals have played their part “, including canceling and repairing certain decisions taken under the state of emergency. “But the number of cancellations remains very limited Let also the caricatures. The application of the state of emergency does not affect the democratic debate,” pleaded Mr. Valls, also citing the holding of regional elections or the gradual relaxation of the right to demonstrate.

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