US intelligence recognized that Russia coped with sanctions West

US intelligence recognized that Russia coped with sanctions

Director of National Intelligence USA Daniel Coates


WASHINGTON, February 13th. / TASS /. Russia coped with the consequences of the West’s application of various sanctions in its current form. This recognized on Tuesday the director of national intelligence of the United States, Daniel Coates.

“Russia will work to blur the unity of the West with respect to sanctions and support for Kiev, but the Kremlin is coping with sanctions at existing levels,” says Coates, who takes part in hearings in the special committee on intelligence of the US Senate. These regular hearings address threats to US national security.

Coates also said that Russia plans to develop relations with rivals and opponents of the United States to accelerate the transition to a multipolar world.

“Russia will most aggressively compete with the United States in Europe and Eurasia, while it will exert less intense pressure in the” outer areas “and cultivate partnerships with US rivals and opponents and traditional partners to contain the power of the United States and accelerate the transition to a multipolar world “.

According to Coates, “Moscow will use a set of relatively cheap tools to advance its foreign policy goals.” As such tools, Coates called “campaigns of influence, economic coercion, cyber operations, multilateral forums and a balanced military force.” “Russia’s slow economic growth is unlikely to deter its foreign policy, or in itself will lead to Moscow’s concessions in Ukraine this year, in Syria, or elsewhere,” the director of US national research believes. The person occupying this leadership position is officially considered the coordinator of the work of all 16 US intelligence agencies.

“Moscow will seek to cooperate with the United States in areas that promote its interests, while using various aggressive tactics to strengthen its position as a great power and” sphere of influence “in the post-Soviet space, weaken the United States and undermine the Euro-Atlantic unity. the Russian political system will allow [President Vladimir] Putin to act decisively in order to defend Russia’s interests or take advantage of those favorable opportunities that he considers as strengthening the prestige of Russia and its power abroad, “says Coates.




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