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US embassy in Jerusalem: contempt for the Arab world, poisoned gift for Israel

Published on 06/12/2017 – 12:59 Near the Dome of the Rock, on the esplanade of mosques in Jerusalem. THOMAS COEX / AFP The announcement that Donald Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer the US embassy is provoking strong reactions in the Palestinian and Arab press. On the Israeli side, the leftist newspaper Ha’Aretz worries about the consequences. Our services Arab countries are standing up “The choice of the Washington administration to transfer the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem provoked a great deal of outright rejection. writes the daily of the Saudi capital Al-Riyadh. It would have been preferable for him to lay the foundations for a concerted solution to restore the hope of a settlement on the principle of land for peace. This is what the Arab peace initiative proposed [initiated by Saudi Arabia and endorsed by the Arab League] fifteen years ago already. This initiative said that just and comprehensive peace was the strategic choice of Arab countries, and should be achieved through an Israeli withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories in 1967 and Israel’s acceptance of an independent, sovereign Palestinian State with Jerusalem. -Is as capital, in return for the establishment of normal relations with the Arabs “. For its part, the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Quds believes in his editorial that the decision of Trump shows the unilateral vision of Washington. “The transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem would be positive as this would clarify things. Indeed, this would complete the picture of Israel’s blind bias on the part of the Trump administration, which has already named David Friedman, known for his fierce opposition to the two-state solution, as US ambassador to Israel , and who ordered the closure of the office of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine ( PLO ) in Washington.” And the article points to the embarrassment in which Trump puts his Arab allies, especially the Saudi monarchy and Marshal Sissi’s Egypt: “Trump has fully bet on these sinister Arab regimes [so-called moderate], which are disintegrating. The United States and Israel will now be totally uninhibited to trample on the great Arab causes. Just see the muted reactions of the Saudis to this announcement. ” In other words, these plans, which had shown their proximity to Trump, will be in bad shape. A poisoned gift for Israel In Haaretz, Hemi Shalev begs Trump not to give a poisoned gift to Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Israel. ” The question is what price we will pay. This decision will sabotage any peace initiative, provoke a backlash that will harm US and Israeli interests in the Middle East. It will be a valuable asset for Iranian propaganda. This will trigger an outbreak of violence that will destabilize the Palestinian Authority. And, of course, it will cost a lot of lives. Presumably, Trump did not hear of the famous ‘Sela Kiyoumenou’ (‘The Rock of our Existence’), which Netanyahu invoked in 1996 to justify his unilateral decision to open tunnels under the Wailing Wall. riots cost the lives of 17 Israeli soldiers and about 100 Palestinian civilians. As sums it up so well this Yiddish expression: ‘moykhel toyves’, ‘no, thank you’ ” . For Palestinians, Jerusalem remains their capital On the side of the Palestinian press, there is strong opposition to the announcement. “Jerusalem is the emblem of Palestine, Ramallah Al-Hayat al-Jadida’s daily highlights . Without Jerusalem, Palestine would be only a geographical framework, without roots and identity. Jerusalem is where we have been since the dawn of history, there and nowhere else. Jerusalem is our historical, civilizational and religious depth. We Palestinians can read every stone and dead end of the old city. Jerusalem is the Al-Aqsa Mosque and also the Holy Sepulcher. Every morning, Palestinians print an image of Jerusalem or something of Jerusalem in their minds. That’s why the decision of the US administration, whether from Trump or another, will not separate us from Jerusalem, we Palestinian people. The Jews also say that Jerusalem is a place that belongs to them, that there is a part of their religious narrative. We do not deny it and we have never denied it. That is why we have called and continue to call for Jerusalem to be a city open to all adherents of all monotheistic religions. But it is, fundamentally, the capital of the Palestinian state. ” The Turkish storm press In Turkey too, the pro-government press is upwind against this announcement. In the islamo-nationalist daily Yeni Safak, editorialist Ibrahim Karag├╝l, a close friend of President Erdogan, gets carried away: ” He is preparing a disaster scenario in the Middle East. By moving the war to the heart of Islam, by dividing the map of these countries, they are preparing the annihilation of the Muslim world. Their ‘New Middle East’ will be a Middle East reduced to ashes. This is the biggest invasion against Muslims since the First World War . ” In Sabah Mehmet Barlas jump on the occasion to criticize the lack of reaction of the opposition parties to the news, welcomes the firmness of the statement of President Erdogan, and warns: “Israeli leaders must understand that they can not achieve peace in this region as long as they continue to exclude Arabs and Palestinians.” Editor’s selection Our services Your comments

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