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Up'in 15% of children with d'obesity in some neighbourhoods of Carcassonne

Jusqu'15% of children with d'obesity in some neighbourhoods of Carcassonne


The “Thursdays of nutrition” in place to advise and counsel pregnant women.

Disturbing. “In some neighbourhoods of Carcassonne, obesity affects 15 % of children. And yet, this percentage date of 2014 ! Today, one must be at 20 %… This is the national average “. Wednesday at the town hall, during a press conference Geneviève Pichard, a municipal councillor in charge of health, has exposed in detail what it boils down now to a serious social problem. Obesity.

First meeting on march 23,

to such A point that the city council has deemed it necessary and urgent, the implementation of the monthly, in the House of Associations, an operation of prevention, entitled ” the Thursdays of the nutrition “. They will start on the 23rd of march, and will continue on 27 April, 18 may, 21 September, 19 October and 23 November. Free, they will be open at the same times (14 h 30 to 16 h) and devoted to the themes decidedly educational (one per month) : “ My weight during pregnancy , ” good foods for baby and mom “, ” Prevent certain infections “, ” gestational diabetes, how to eat well “, ” Nutrition and breast feeding, what precautions ? “, and ” Feeding baby from 0 to 6 months “. “In fact, we take the problem upstream, at the source ” added Ms. Pichard, ” because we find that pregnant women are not necessarily aware of the risks that they take to their fetus “.

A woman who is expecting a child should have the responsible behavior which are imposed : no alcohol, no tobacco, and also a suitable diet, healthy. “A single glass of alcohol, I say only one glass, can have serious consequences on the brain of a fetus… ” where the question is very practical, and this relevant question posed by Magali Bardou, deputy mayor in charge of social affairs : “ And if a pregnant woman does not want to stop smoking, or drinking, what do you answer him ? “

Geneviève Pichard has not evaded, believing that there is, indeed, a problem that is both social and human. Babies from 4 kg at birth, But instead of waiting for the woman to be pregnant, why not act even more upstream, for example through an information campaign whose goal would be to bring awareness to couples of the danger of conceiving children while the wife does not feel able to stop drinking (not alcoholic), or smoking ? An idea that has not rejected Ms. Pichard : “Why, indeed, do not imagine this kind of campaign information located further upstream ? “ all the more that the situation becomes very urgent. Today, babies are born weighing four pounds…

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