Ukraine : Mikhail Saakashvili expelled to Warsaw


The hellion Georgian in Ukrainian politics once again makes speak about him. Unintentionally, it seems, since they are the authorities of the country who have ordered his arrest while he was having dinner in a restaurant in Kiev. Members of the “border guard service, reports the online daily Oukraïnska Pravda, the masked and hooded” would have proceeded to arrest her. Then he would have been placed “to board a charter flight to the destination of Poland from the airport Borispol, on Monday, [February 12,] 16 hours specifies the daily Oukraïna Moloda. the “subsequently, Oleh Slobodian, spokesman for the border guard service, has confirmed that Saakashvili had been returned to the country from whence he came” when he had crossed the frontier illegally in September 2017.

bringing down the government Porochenko

It is a new twist in the ongoing soap opera around the colorful personality of the former Georgian president. Now ukraine on the decree of the president mr poroshenko in may 2015, he had been appointed governor of Odessa, but was quickly struck with the oligarchs premises. The conflict was transformed into a showdown with his former protector, Porochenko ending with the depriving of his citizenship of ukraine during July 2017. Now stateless, Saakashvili took refuge for a time in New York, then in Poland, before returning to the force.

Since his return, he has already been arrested twice and sometimes released by the authorities sometimes released by his supporters, who have also erected a tent village in the centre of Kiev, where they call to bring down the government Porochenko.

“On 5 February, explains on its website the weekly Dzerkalo Tyjnia, the administrative court of Kiev has definitively rejected the application of the right to asylum of Saakashvili. This decision has paved the way for his extradition. On January 5, Saakashvili was sentenced in absentia by the justice Georgian to three years in prison for ‘abuse of authority’. According to the results of the investigation, while he was president, he would have pardoned illegally police officers accused of murder.”

“The fight will continue,”

The arrest and deportation of Mikhail Saakashvili will probably not end the case. The evidence, as highlighted by the Kyiv Post, “his supporters are challenging the legality of the procedure, because it is necessary, first, that a tribunal shall decide on the withdrawal of his citizenship.”

The deportation or extradition is not possible, in accordance with the Ukrainian law, on specific mandate of a court in this sense. And even in this case, it is possible to appeal this decision within thirty days, and the deportation or extradition may only take place once the court of appeal has rendered its verdict.”

Saakashvili has also announced its intention to continue the fight and come back legally in Ukraine. The series is thus far from being completed.

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