Two years of hell for Facebook


The monthly San Francisco Wired publishes in its issue of march a large-scale investigation of a giant american battered in recent months : Facebook. To the one, his boss, Mark Zuckerberg, is represented by a photomontage of a young man usually dashing, but whose face is here marked by the blows.

The social network, to the attitude of “confused and defensive”, has been shaken by multiple crises over the past two years, says the magazine, and Mark Zuckerberg, its co-founder and CEO, attempts to control them.

Wired wanted a portrait of Zuckerberg, but “the only problem is that it was not going to be there to make the photo”, explains Jake Rowland, the author of this illustration. The artist has mixed elements from four different photographs, of which only one was an original image of Mark Zuckerberg. Rowland has resorted to a dummy resembling the boss of Facebook, it has been masked so that one may believe that he was beaten.

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