Tv2000, three documentaries and a great challenge

Tv2000 at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival of the Venice Biennale , he presented at the Fondazione Ente Performing Space – FEdS premiere three new documentaries : ‘ Kemioamiche ‘ Chiara Salvo in collaboration with Real Time (Discovery Italian group), ‘never say never’ by Andrea Salvadore, ‘ love Songs over genocide’ by Giuseppe Carrieri. The three productions have been presented at the Lido by the issuer of the Italian Bishops Conference represented by Paolo Ruffini (Network Director) and Lorenzo Serra (Director General).

How do you tell on TV – said the Director of Network Tv2000, Paolo Ruffini – the pain of those who survived a ? The cry that replaces the lack of words, and the search for not remain prisoners of a spiral of hatred? How do you tell without being crushed combat cancer? How do you tell the dismay of a woman who turns out to have to fight this battle, but did not give up, and not give up the desire to enjoy life?
 “ How do you tell the meeting in prison with men and women who are serving penis also very serious without remaining prisoners of stereotypes that do not make them really meet?”

the three projects we are presenting in Venice respond in three different ways to these questions so similar – contina Ruffini -. they gather in a different challenge. With the film language by Giuseppe Carrieri, who transforms the pain into a song. With the TV language Chiara Salvo, who marries the docu-reality to musicals to tell the women’s war on cancer. With the extreme and austere, Andrea Salvadore, who accompanies us in meetings that we never did and never will. “

” Tv2000 – added the General Manager of Tv2000, Lorenzo Serra – it is attentive to all the stories even to those of the past, those of who was left at the edge of the world, to the outskirts of society. In fact, there are stories that tell of good things you can not imagine you to find and every surprise enlarges the heart.

In the year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francesco There are many ways of interpreting this word rediscovery and full of new meanings. Tv2000 presents three productions that tell a surprising new and rediscover humanity: the first is from the edge of the world (Africa) another who has moved away and is in prison and the third on the other hand, more touching, speaking of those who have undertaken a therapy to counteract a tumor. Each of us can find himself in the situation of these protagonists of these our friends. “

” With these three Tv2000 – concluded Ruffini – launches a challenge , first of all to itself, so that the TV does not build a world of plastic, but it is able to understand and to tell the world and also topics considered taboo, leading viewers to places and situations that would otherwise not have known. ”

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