Trump praises Putin and says that “it has been much more of a leader” Obama

The GOP candidate for President of the United States, Donald Trump, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin, “has been a much more leader that US President Barack Obama leader.”

a first three weeks of a highly anticipated debate and two months before the election to appoint Obama’s successor, the real estate magnate has shared the same stage television but not in the same moment with the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton .

earlier this week, Clinton expressed deep concern about the “serious” interference of Moscow in the US presidential election.

Each in turn made the defensive -Clinton in the subject of emails that marred his campaign and Trump for his total lack of experience in defense and foreign policy of the two rivals they said they were ready to assume the role of commander in chief of the leading world power.

Trump, who claims to be “fully prepared” to exercise power through their experience in the business world, he stressed his willingness to transform relations with Russia, currently at its lowest level since the end of the Cold war.

“I estimate that would have a very good relationship with Putin (…) has been a leader, much more than what has been our president,” said the millionaire, a defense much higher than those made in the past the Russian president.

“it was not the Russian president who invaded Crimea and supports Bashar Al Assad in Syria?” asked Trump journalist NBC Matt Lauer. Whereupon the Republican candidate replied: “Do you want me to start listing things made by President Obama at the same time?”

Do not you suspect that Russia is behind the hacking against Democratic party in July? “Nobody knows for sure,” said the real estate mogul.

Latest polls

Earlier, Trump had promised a sharp increase in the defense budget if it the US presidency, and said he will order the armed forces within 30 days submit a plan to defeat the Islamic State group.

the armed forces were so “weak” that have need to be strengthened on a large scale, with more troops, planes and ships, said Trump to supporters at a rally in Philadelphia in the eastern United States.

the differences in voting intentions between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have declined in recent polls, when two months before the elections. The millionaire real estate developer surpasses its rival by 2 points, according to the latest CNN / ORC (45% vs. 43%).

Another poll NBC among registered voters gave Clinton six points clear Trump (48-42%).

According to another Washington Post poll conducted in all 50 states, the Democratic dominates in many regions, including some Republican strongholds, although Donald Trump surpasses it in the center of the country.

Clinton cites “alarming”

Democratic presidential US candidate, Hillary Clinton, said that the praise of his Republican rival, Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, are “unpatriotic” and “alarming” in his first press conference in more than nine months.

Clinton has appeared in White Plains in the state of New York, in the eastern US, before boarding the plane to continue the campaign and has criticized Trump for his recent comments about Putin, who said Wednesday that a leader “more “capable than the current US president, Barack Obama.

These statements Trump are” unpatriotic “,” insulting “and” alarming, “said Clinton, who then asked what he would say the late president Republican Ronald Reagan on a candidate of its party to the Presidency “attacks” the generals of the country and “commends” the president of Russia.

for the Democratic candidate, “is alarming because it suggests that he ( Trump) will allow Putin to do what Putin wants to do, and then justify “.

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