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Troubleshooting in the home: the repression of the frauds denounced too d'scams


The Directorate general for competition, consumption and repression of fraud (DGCCRF) denounces the methods of more aggressive from the convenience of home, amounts of more important and work that is not always necessary.

On the 624-controlled enterprises were specialized craftsmen: plumbers, heating engineers, locksmiths, installers, thermal, professional, full-service, specialty air conditioning, frame and glazing and small building work, 56% were in violation.

6.000, – € for a lock

The record? A change of lock charged 6,000 euros…

beyond these scams, the DGCCRF notes that, in general, the convenience stores have an aggressive behavior towards the clients who dare to challenge the exorbitant prices.

The abuse of weakness and psychological pressure have also been observed.

According to the DGCCRF, the convenience stores, which have also not always the professional qualification necessary for the exercise of certain trades, take advantage of the vulnerability of their clients are more often confronted with emergency situations.

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