Trams and buses in Bordeaux: validation contactless coming soon

D years the coming weeks, the Urban Community of Bordeaux of transport network will undergo a profound change with the implementation of a new ticketing system. “Urban Community of Bordeaux invests € 13.5 million for the modernization of the system ” explains Hervé Lefèvre, CEO of Keolis Bordeaux, the delegate in charge of transport in the urban area.

Same as that already works for bank cards, the new system will use the technology without Contact . So ended validators punching tools, now room for new contactless validators, dressed in a color target that can not miss. A system that wants easier, faster and more fluid since you will just a quarter second to validate against two seconds today.

 new tickartes be rechargeable. © Photo Stella Dubourg

recharging stations Des

Another innovation that will be introduced in November, new tickartes be recharged up to ten faith s in distributors by agencies but also in some tobacconists equipped.

terminal reloading will also be installed at the busiest bus stops. new subscriber cards , rigid version will be for their put into circulation beginning in 2017 . Rechargeable without limit, they could be charged 10 cents to users.

New distributors will finally be installed from the end of September. They will be equipped with a touch screen that will facilitate navigation and will pay by credit card without contact.

This new system will be implemented by the end of the year. It should help to lower fraud rates on the network, 10.1% today.

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