Tour of chosen works of Soest Artothek

Soest – The Artothek of Soest Kunstverein in Wilhelm-Morgner-Haus is a wonderful opportunity to rent for little money artworks. On Sunday in the foyer of the Wilhelm-Morgner-house a guide of selected works of art library instead.

Many artists who are now among the largest in their field, are included with their works in the collection.

“We want to convey art and already reach the youngest,” said Inga Schubert Hartmann, president of the Kunstverein and Arthotekenverbands NRW.

“Our Artotheks offer is particularly well accepted by families.” The Soester Artothek is operated by a team of 14 volunteers.

works by Panamarenko, who is one of the most popular Belgian artists, can be found in the art library, and Hanna Dabroven and Alison Knowles are represented. The latter has taken great influence on the Fluxus-style.

Many works date from the seventies and eighties, and reflect the art movements of the time again.

Depending on the picture you can not understand how they came into possession of the Artothek today. “This would provide material for many studies,” laughs Inga Schubert Hartmann.

At the time of establishing the 1983 Artothek many acquisitions were not properly documented. Meanwhile, strictly regulated, which artists are included in the range.

Anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​the art library itself, on Sunday at 15.30 in the foyer of the Wilhelm-Morgner-house as part of a leadership opportunity.

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