“Too young to die”: In Marseille, posters challenge the dealers

“Too young to die,” proclaims over a bloodied hand trace , the poster qu’Hassen Haouaria Hadj-Hammou and Chik just post on a billboard the city of Bricarde.

26 deaths since January

in the Marseille region, 26 people were killed by firearms since the beginning of the year , mostly young men found riddled with bullets in what is regarded as settling on bottom drug trafficking by police.

This assessment is up sharply compared to 2015 and deteriorated significantly in recent weeks, six victims in August and four in September . “We want to send us to the neighborhood youth” tempted to work for drug traffickers, says Hassen Hammou.


It is necessary “to show these young people that those who make the life of their neighborhood, social workers, care and are concerned about the situation ” added the one who tells you decide to take action after the death of one of his childhood friends, found in the trunk of a burning car late August north of the city.

in all, 2000 posters were printed , the members of this group have begun to post early September on the walls of deprived towns of the city. The group, which claims the moment a dozen members, is apolitical and wants to gather from all walks of Marseille. Activists, social workers or residents

“We do not give up”

“young people think that it is almost normal to walk around with a gun ” laments Ms. Haj-Chik, who also intends to warn about the “disengagement” of the government and the insecurity in the neighborhoods. With these posters, “it occupies space, you do not give up “, she added.

Despite the good will of the collective, recognizes Mr. Hammou a poster campaign can hardly counter the influence “of dealers in the neighborhoods”: “ They finance football tournaments , offer young people to pay for the ‘chouf’ (watchman ) … “, he regretted, simple adhesive coating brush in hand.

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