“This government is a masterpiece out of ulterior motives”

Francois Hollande blind one of its last cards before the presidential election. His new government relies on broadening the political base. But the new appointments of ministers will they cause a bounce in opinion?

The goal of the redesign number 1 is facially reached. It was for the head of state to expand its political base, today riquiqui. Hence the entry of three environmentalists, the patroness of EELV, Emmanuelle Cosse. This appointment is intended as a tactical move: it insulates more than ever Cécile Duflot in a radical position and detonated his party …

Meanwhile, the radical left – whose loyalty was without fault – are rolling out the red carpet by Francois Hollande. The President of PRG, Jean-Michel Baylet, inherited a large portfolio (Planning, Rural Affairs, Local Authorities). The PRG now has three representatives, including two full-ministers – one against before. Annick Girardin, elected from Saint Pierre and Miquelon, finds himself at the head of the Department of Public Service. She will have to negotiate with officials thawing of their compensation without doing down the street.

Individual Poaching and opportunism

Behind the appearances, this government is however shouting weaknesses. What really weigh new entrants? The arrival of Emmanuelle Cosse makes individual poaching figure, since his party has not validated his choice; as to environmentalists parliamentarians Jean-Vincent Place and Barbara Pompili, already defectors EELV, they will struggle to divest of opportunism image that already enjoys social networks. radical left side, it is a Jean-Michel Baylet weakened that takes the bandwagon – it has undergone rapid succession, a failure for the Senate and the loss of the County Council of Tarn-et-Garonne.

Whatever. On television, the head of state paid tribute to a balance between “experience” and “renewal”. But PS, some tiquent. “If that’s the campaign team for 2017, then we can say Hello Alain Juppe, without waiting laments parliamentary PS, which can not be accused of being a rebellious. They are nobodys.” The refusal of Nicolas Hulot, the starting Christiane Taubira: François Hollande will have to convince his team could create a momentum.

“A masterpiece of ulterior motives”

“The composition global is a masterpiece out of ulterior motives “, decrypts a minister counselor. Subtle internal équilbres have changed. While the appointment of Jean-Jacques Urvoas Chancellery could pass for a strengthening of the influence of Manuel Valls, it is clear that the influence of Prime Minister is limited to that one reinforcement.

No minister vallsien not appeared. Relatives of the Prime Minister, as Senator or Member Carvounas Luc Hugues Fourage remain outside cast. Fleur Pellerin is replaced by the Culture Elysian councilor François Hollande, Audrey Azoulay. Another development: the imprint of aubrystes becomes minimal (starting marylise lebranchu). Only Laurence Rossignol – whose proximity to the mayor of Lille is obvious – to save his skin and knows a promotion.

The hardest is yet to come: the executive must manage, in its ranks, the stream of disappointed, embittered, those who were assigned a portfolio. Example: Bruno Le Roux, head of the PS deputies, the head of a turbulent group. In this context, the vote of the El Khomry Law on Labor Code akin growing at an explosive year. “You will see, the government will still have to pass the law by the 49-3,” predicts an experienced parliamentarian.

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