Thierry Robert wants to attack the High authority


Pinned by the High authority for the transparency of political life (HATVP), which transmitted for the second time his file to the public prosecutor of Paris, the member of parliament Thierry Robert has counter-attacked, yesterday. He wants to bring the High authority before the tribunal.

Never short of an argument, Thierry Robert had not, frankly, the air is destabilized, yesterday noon, in front of the cameras of the Meeting First. Invited to the journal du midi, the member has resumed its arguments already developed Monday night in a press release. “There is neither forgetting, nor willingness to circumvent the law, or will under-estimate”, he repeated. “5 years ago, the High authority said that there was an omission or under-valuation of 9 million euros. To‡has ended with a classification of the case. Today, it is considered that there are 5 million of goodwill ( !) The matter will be closed tomorrow”, he anticipated.

Monday, the HATVP referred the matter to the prosecutor of Paris because she has “serious doubt as to the completeness, accuracy and sincerity” of the declaration of assets made by Thierry Robert at the end of his first term in parliament.

According to him, his statement has the fault of being incorrectly completed. All the amounts should be correctly indicated, but they would not be in “the right boxes”. The declaration of the HATVP is a “gas plant” has defended Thierry Robert, who claims to have “heritage complex,” composed “of shares in companies, the accounts of associates and so on.”

‡a would be twice in 5 years as the deputy peinerait to complete the statement. According to him, it is only for this reason that he was made pin in the drafting of its first statement.

Visibly converted to the strategy of “the best defense is the attack”, Thierry Robert wants to attack the HATVP before the courts. “It is not to throw the elect in the pasture and get them dirty without having to render account while the records are then ranked. It is totally abnormal”, a-t-he developed on the plateau of the Meeting First. He has not specified the grounds that would allow him to attack : “We look at the legal aspect of the thing,” he evaded.

Asked about the value of his heritage, he did not want to expand on the subject. “You have to have respect for what I was able to get to the sweat of my brow and not with the policy. When I was sentenced ‘ I’ve never been. In any case, not to get bitten in the coffers of the State or have truandé in the course of my mandates,” he resumed. Thierry Robert, indeed, was sentenced to pay 550 000 euros to owners accommodation full of faults that he has done to build the Oars.

“A man greedy for power, fame and money”

The civil Society of Saint-Leu has not done in half-able to criticize Thierry Robert. By the voice of Vincent Defaud, close friend of Didier Robert, she welcomed “the decision of the HATVP.” “Thierry Robert has therefore, once again perhaps, deceived the voters of his district as to the value of its heritage,” said Vincent Defaud. “The civil Society of Saint-Leu also believes that this decision of the HATVP is probably just the beginning of a procedure that will allow the Reunion and to Saint-Leusiens in particular to discover as the true face of the mp Thierry Robert, a man greedy for power, fame and money.”

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