Thierry Robert still pinned for having hidden her heritage


SAINT-LEU. The member of parliament Thierry Robert is once again pinned by the High authority for transparency in public life (HATVP). The independent institution has decided, yesterday, to enter the parquet de Paris in considering that the chosen one had a
new times deliberately concealed a part of his heritage, by the end of 2016. The HATVP had already reported on the case of Thierry Robert is suspected of having failed more than 5 million euros of its heritage in 2014. A new legal procedure
could, therefore, be opened.

Thierry Robert and HATVP, season 2. For the second time in four years, the institution is taking “serious doubts” about the heritage of the mp saint-leusien and his adherence to the law on transparency of public life.
In a statement released yesterday, the HATVP revealed that she was not considered reliable, the declaration of Thierry Robert release in December 2016 in the context of the end of its mandate. Because, as provided in the text, the mps must submit a declaration of heritage at the beginning of their entry to the Assembly, then at the end of the term. In the case of June 2017.

Non-place in the first investigation

“After examining the dossier and a collection of his observations, the High Authority considers, having regard to the various elements of which it has knowledge, that it exists in the state a serious doubt as to the completeness, accuracy and fair presentation of this statement, the fact of the omission of a substantial part of the heritage,” the statement said. And the HATVP to add : “In application of article 40 of the code of criminal procedure, the High Authority found it necessary to bear these facts likely to constitute criminal offences, to the knowledge of the prosecutor of the Republic Paris, and has transmitted the record as a whole”. Once the file is received and analyzed, the parquet floor of Paris will decide whether to open or not a preliminary investigation.
The HATVP has not wished to communicate the sums that have been omitted or under-estimated in this declaration of assets. One thing is for sure, this decision to place a member in bad posture. Because this is the second time that the HATVP pin Thierry Robert.
In 2014, the institution already had the mp viewfinder to have downplayed his declaration of assets of € 5 million and for failing to report some transactions to the tax authorities. The elected then had burned publicly by the president of the HATVP, Jean-Louis Nadal, accusing him of “lack of impartiality” and to have committed errors of analyses grotesque in the field of accounting. Before you consider “the deliberation of the High Authority as defamatory, and of such a nature as to constitute a slanderous denunciation”.
After an initial referral, the public prosecutor of Paris was felt that there were clues serious and concordant to open an investigation. Thierry Robert has been heard at least twice in free auditing, in December 2015 and September 2016 by the police of the central office for the fight against corruption and violations of financial and tax (OCLCIFF). The investigators are responsible to peel society by society, building by building, document-by-document, property of Thierry Robert, their value and their legal form. Yesterday evening, the mp for saint-leusien revealed that this survey of his heritage had been closed without a result. “The evidence, therefore, are not sufficient for the crime to be constituted, and that criminal proceedings can be initiated”, he learned by a letter from the parquet de Paris.
But there was another reason why Thierry Robert was tucked up against the HATVP. It had alerted the national Assembly and the Chancellery in July 2015 on the risk of incompatibility of the mandate of Thierry Robert with his functions in companies of promotions of real estate.

“The only reproach that can be made, it may be the presentation of the declaration”

the bureau of The Assembly had finally seized the constitutional Council, which ruled in December 2015, stating that the deputy had taken the necessary steps to comply with the law on incompatibilities. The occasion for Thierry Robert noted that the HATVP “may be in error”.
After these episodes, after which it is released, Thierry Robert has chosen not to attack frontally the institution. Unlike the first time. “Despite everything, it is for the same reasons that the HATVP decides to seize the prosecutor on my second property declaration, made at the end of my first term in parliament, says Thierry Robert. Away from the arrows sent to Jean-Louis Nadal, the elected official complains about the way of working of the HATVP. In a letter dated November 2016, it asked to “benefit from a custom help of your services,” because of the “complexity” of its financial position. But the HATVP, which does not have the role of advisor to elected officials, has not given result.
In a letter made public, the elected address on February 5, supplementary information to the HATVP about “differences of reading that there is between my statements and the reading that you do.” A document relating to several buildings, SCI, estate gains made during the sale. Thierry Robert says there has been ” or under-valuation or omission of statement of accommodation, premises or other. The only reproach that can be made, it may be the presentation of the declaration”. “In the clear, there is nothing objectionable on the merits, but the form remains to be reviewed”, writes the mp, explaining that “having aids”.
These arguments, therefore, have not convinced the HATVP. “In any case, the same situation after my first statement of heritage appears to be reproducing. These are the same results that are so expected,” responded, yesterday evening, Thierry Robert.

Jerome Talpin

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