Thierry Robert, or the misfortunes of virtue


Yesterday evening, Thierry Robert is holding forth on the waves Meeting The 1st, in the context of the issue Monday Policy, as president of the PCPA ! The ex-mayor of Saint-Leu were refurbishing the world in its image, to provide advice and judgments with this insurance innate charlatans, posing at the head of the gang macronien, claiming his inheritance as a member of the presidential majority, and in this respect, a kind of leadership the title of “general interest” (editor’s Note : it is not necessary to laugh), as opposed to those who want to “dominate and be in a position of dictatorship” !

These civilization posed, Thierry Robert, who presents himself as an “elected visionary,” was not in the least informed that all the national press reported on the doubts of the High authority for transparency in public life designing “on the completeness, accuracy and sincerity” of his declaration of the end of the mandate (in 2016) “the fact of the omission of a substantial part of the heritage”.

It is true that at the same time, the restless of Saint-Leu, beat his breast of elected destabilized by certain sections of the press, about his responsibility any relative, according to him, in the mudslides caused by the recent bad weather ! and from there, entered a quasi-religion : “I really believe in the right god”, explaining that he owed everything to the deity in question, which pace supposedly his life, and that he complies with the commandments ! in his way, is it necessary to mention.

This passage tartuffier executed with a mastery of frog daubers, Thierry Robert duly victimized deplored the bad case made to it by the Justice who would have entered illegally allowances, of a deputy !

From there, the one that is stashed behind his children and his father to escape a sanction by the constitutional court for incompatibility between his or her professional duties and the function of deputy, was employed to spend for a hard worker, sweating the money as others weep tears of blood ; a kind of hero proletarian who does not earn more than 90 000 euros per month, because he has passed on his companies to his children ! Here at heritage, there was only one step.

The “supervisor of the Prefect”, he explained that the declaration of assets also relates to the shares, and that he was not of the sleight-of-hand in the field !

At the same time, all of the national press in line was making his headlines on the release of the High authority for transparency in public life announced that it had referred the case to Robert, which addition is redundant, in front of the prosecutor’s office in Paris, the prosecutor of the Republic being seized.

Sic transit gloria mundi !

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