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These figures are unusual in the second round of Legislative l'Aude and Pyrenees-Orientales

These figures are unusual in the second round of Legislative l'Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales

has become a classic of the after election night, The Independent has passed to the scanner the results of the second round of Legislative in the Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales to find the figures of the ordinary.

The hour of women

For the first time in history, there will be more Audoises that of Aude in the Parliament. The neo-deputies Mireille Robert (REM) and Danièle Hérin (REM) to join the senator Gisele Jourda (PS). It was time for the Aude to feminize since the outgoing of the 2nd district, Marie-Hélène Fabre had been the first woman to be elected as a member of the Aude. It was in 2012.

An urn… a newsletter

It was a big thought for those who have held the office of vote of Fontanes de Sault… Open at 8am, the doors of the polling station are closed at 18h for a single newsletter slipped into the ballot box. The 16 members of the village to the west of aude have shunned this second tower with a sad 94,12% of abstention in their village. The count, him, will, without a doubt, been the most rapid of France. For the record, the only voter gave his voice to Mireille Robert of the Republic in March.
In the same order of idea, Caunette sur Lauquet, there were only 6 voters, but, also, only 1 of the ballots cast.

Zero pointed to

Three candidates have had in at least a common none to their name. Mireille Robert was not convinced to Caunette sur Lauquet or in Montgaillard while Christophe Barthes (FN) had no voice to Trassanel. A Fontanes de Sault, André Viola made zero voice… but in this village, there was a voting…

Champions of participation

It is at Portel les Corbieres we had the palm of the participation this Sunday since the 441 registered voters have all voted is a flattering 0% abstentions).

Viola was given the shock

With 128 communes in which it happened in the head, the chairman of the county Council, André Viola, has held up well to the shock in the face of the Republic in Walks (162 commons won on the 3rd district). The last PS candidate in the running in the Aude itself is far better than the two candidates of the FN, which must be satisfied to arrive at the head in 17 municipalities, including one in the 2nd district (to Port The New).
The Republic power won the pole position in 276 communes.
note that there were deuces in 7 municipalities (Mas, of Course, Veraza, Courtauly, Campagna de Sault, The Snake, The Bousquet, Castelnau d Aude).

Good or bad elected?

It was one of the questions of these Legislative: the candidates are they legitimate in the light of the abstention? With 23.114 voice, Alain Péréa actually a little bit less votes than in 2007 (25.290 voice) but more than in 2002 (22.924 voice). Of course, in 2012, Marie-Hélène Fabre had collected 32.510 voice.
In the other constituencies, with a little over 19,000 votes, the deputies of the Republic in March are substantially less than during the past three Legislative where the previous mps had not had less than 26,000 votes.

The battle still rages on the 2nd

While Fernand Siré had been elected with 445 votes ahead in 2012, Christine Espert bows with 452 votes behind Louis Aliot in a district where the games are never made in advance. Arlette Franco, in his first election in 2002, had carried away what with 910 votes more than his opponent.
With a republican Front that could bring him more 18.526 voice, Christine Espert, however, can feed regrets. Especially that between the two towers, there has been 5.117 voting less. If the candidate of the Republic in March was harvested 6.569 votes over the last week, his opponent took 6.240. Enough for Louis Aliot to maintain its small but decisive difference.

Laurence Gayte 5th

After Renée Soum (PS), Arlette Franco (RPR then UMP), Jacqueline Irles (UMP) and Ségolène Neuville (PS), Laurence Gayte (REM) is the fifth member of the Eastern Pyrenees. It will, however, be the only woman in the department in the chamber.

The Republic works (almost) about the department

191 communes were won by the Republic in operation in the department during the second round of the Legislative elections. The FN only 35 municipalities, including 21 for the only Louis Aliot who him are enough to win the bet in the Second district.
in The second round of the Presidential election, Marine Le Pen had won 62 municipalities and Macron 159.

Casefabre still not FN

As during the first round of the Presidential election, in Casefabre, the candidate FN had no voice. It is also the case in Mantet. The candidates of the Republic on have always had at least a voice in all the communes of the department.

If wrong elected that it?

Not really, since the new members of the third and fourth districts are in the trends of the previous elections. And Laurence Gayte, with 18.501 voice is closer to the 19.772 2002 (François Calvet) and Sébastien Cazenove with the 22.193 voices that are brought to his name is close to 24.921 voice of Henri Sicre, 2002.
Of their sides, with 5,000 votes less than the least good scores in recent years, Roman Grau, and Louis Aliot are, it is true, below the standards of their “circos”.


A Sauto (3rd district) and Taulis (4th constituency), the candidates were not able to be determined this Sunday without consequence on the final score, without right of appeal in these two sectors of the departments.


This is in Perpignan in the second district that has the least voted this Sunday with 66,17% of abstention at the Top-Vernet.
on the opposite, with 19,35%, Campoussy is the catalan champion of the participation on this second round of Legislative elections.

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