The true, the false and the blur of François Hollande’s speech

 Francois Hollande before his speech Salle Wagram in Paris on 8 September.

Francois Hollande made no nomination or surprise announcement in his speech Thursday, September 8, at the Salle Wagram in Paris. He however defended his action by going beyond the single issue announced the “democracy facing terrorism” . Constitution, multiple directorships, jobs created … Back on his main assertions

Summary:. Terrorism, secularism, rule of law … What you should remember the speech of François Hollande

constitutional principles of variable geometry


“no, constitutional principles are not legal arguments. (…) No, the Constitution is not a flexible text with an ellipsis, with parentheses. “


François Hollande landed, at throughout his speech, the defender of the rule of law against those who, like Nicolas Sarkozy, denouncing “legal quibbles, precautions, pretexts to incomplete action” and call for change Constitution in order to adopt a law prohibiting such, wearing the “burkini.”

It should nevertheless remember that the head of state himself has tried to amend the Constitution after the attacks of Paris an abortive reform, failing to gather the necessary support. He wanted to do it between two provisions: forfeiture of nationality for French convicted of terrorism and state of emergency

The first measure precisely violated, according to its detractors, the same principles defended. by Francois Hollande today. All without bringing real added value in the fight against terrorism. The state of emergency, meanwhile, is bringing fundamental freedom restrictions, such as manifest.

The president acknowledged hitting “a number of consciences and friends who do not want us to go too far “ with the proposed constitutional amendment. But it was better for sure: “We were not going too far. We made sure to adapt the response based on the right to be the most effective against terrorism. “

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A late defender of multiple directorships


” We are proud to have limited the dual mandate, I see there are some who want to return it. (…) I want to go further in reducing the accumulation of mandates over time, which would not prevent these elected to compete with other ballots. “

WHY IT’S A LITTLE Embellished

François Hollande can say “proud” now the law limiting the number of mandates. He was however not the most progressive candidate for the primary PS in the matter. The issue became an issue, in a party made up of many local officials … and Mr. Holland had assured of support by not showing too quick to impose the non-accumulation, yet part of the party’s constitution since 2010.

once in power, he steadily chipped away at its initial promise to implement the non-accumulation from 2012 to repel the full implementation of the law in 2017. Finally, he explicitly betrayed a promise to his famous anaphora of “I, President” “I, President of the Republic, ministers could not combine their function with a local mandate. “ The Minister of Defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian, now combines its portfolio with the Presidency of Brittany pretext ” the gravity of the situation and the state of emergency ” . the person concerned had yet publicly committed to respect the rule before.

An optimistic assessment of civic service


François Hollande returned during his speech about wanting to “generalization of civic service” , touting a measure of commitment, service to others, to “climb at its best.”


The civic Service was established in March 2010 under Nicolas Sarkozy. François Hollande wanted to make this device “universal” 1 st June 2015, calling that all applicants are accepted.

A year later, that goal remains ambitious, if not excessive: in 2015, one in five saw his civic service project lead; early 2016, it was rather one in four, a sign that supply is still far from meeting the demand

The multiplication of civic services also faces budgetary limits. arrive at the figure of 150 000 youth civic service in 2017, as he wishes, would cost about 680 million euros a year (or more than one billion, according to the Court of Auditors). However, the budget of civic service has been set at 391 million for 2016

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creations less important positions than expected


François Hollande responded to criticism about his alleged inaction on terrorism, including citing the three counter-terrorism laws passed since 2012 and the creation of 9000 posts of police and gendarmes.


the government relies on the creation of posts decided on since the arrival of Francois Hollande to recruit police . The right, which contests its balance sheet, has another approach – recently explained Libération . She looks at the net employment trends since 2012

The reality is actually between two, it is not possible to give a precise figure. The jobs created are lower than said François Hollande because budget allocations have not always been sufficient to pay for additional police officers and recruitment capabilities are limited by a small number of police and gendarmes training centers. Conversely, the right puts the liabilities of the current head of state job cuts decided by Nicolas Sarkozy, but effective thereafter, which distorts again the calculation.

the good figures from the company accounts


” Our pension system has been saved, the financial statements are almost in balance. “


The pension scheme of private sector employees should return to balance in 2016, according to the draft social Security financing law adopted in late 2015. If the result is as expected, it would be a first since 2004.

however, our welfare system as a whole is expected to remain in the red: if we add the accounts of the four branches of the general system (health insurance, old age, family, accidents and occupational-disease) and Fund solidarity old age, a deficit of 9.7 billion is planned for 2016. It is still in progress against 21 billion deficit in 2011.

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