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The TRANSCRIPTS According to a “Dutu” i waited for the outlaws to break the door down with the battering ram, and then attacked them with the sword


A team of policemen from the Brigade of Countering Organised Crime (BCCO) in Suceava waiting in the early dawn of December 5, 2017, the signal to enter the house interlopului Separate Huțuleac, said, “Dutu”. The man was prosecuted for setting up an organized criminal group, trafficking of narcotic drugs and human trafficking. According to procesurii, the search domiciliară can not be started before the time 6,00. At 6: 00 a.m. sharp, the team leader gave the signal. “The police. Open!”, was shouted several times. Because no one answered, although there were noises in the building, police officers brought a battering ram of steel, to force the entrance.
At a time, from behind the door, the masked men they heard on Separate Huțuleac who cried “Wait dude, don’t break the door!”. However, the world has not sketched any gesture to unlock the door, which remained locked. The door was opened by forcing the ram by three masked men in the Service of Special Actions. In the lobby of the unlighted, fixed in a intrândând in the hallway, the cops have seen him on “Dutu” with sword in hand. It struck with a sword, from top to bottom with his sword, and struck him on the cop Dan Ciprian Sfichi in the area of brain injury. as well as in the area of the left arm. The man of law lies in the middle, between two colleagues in the Service of Special Actions.
Searches, coated BCCO
the Details of the entire raid appear in the documents in which prosecutors Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism(DIICOT) – Territorial Service of Suceava have asked for the preventive arrest of Aliaksandr Huțuleac, said, “Dutu”. In the same case, there are involved two other comrades of his, Andrei Iulian Lungoci and Razvan Percec. To reconstruct the whole scene of the raid, the prosecutors of the DIICOT have heard that amrtori on all those involved and they looked at the records of audio – video made on the occasion of the searches by the workers BCCO Suceava.
the Neurosurgeon Marius Dabija, a spokesman for the Hospital “Nicolae Oblu” Iasi said on Wednesday that the cop injured in mission from Rădăuţi is still in critical condition, but it appeared spontaneous movements spontaneous on the right side, of the hand and the foot, which is a good sign.
why they raided the mummers
Aliaksandr Huțuleac, said, “Dutu” (photo), was targeted by the investigation DIICOT in a file on the traffic of products knowing that they are likely to have psychoactive effects. Recidivist would have made these facts while he was investigated under judicial control in a different folder, all for similar offences. Specifically, he would be co-ordinated across the city Rădăuț and of the commune, Satu Mare (Suceava) a network of distribution of synthetic drugs.
it Was about pliculițe which contained psychoactive substances prohibited, such as propylaminopentiophenone or cloud-mephedrone. They were sold in bags, which cost between 50 and 100 lei. “Dutu” sold only to those customers who knew them directly, but to have more profit he recruited more young people, dealing only with the marketing of these powders. He fell on the intercepări ambient, when selling to a client in the near locunței its. It all happened on 7 November 2017, 17:42.46, with a client who asked him “yes how many do you want now? How many do you want now?”. Many collaborators have of it have given statements to the DIICOT in which they explcat the role of Huțuleac. Its intention was to distribute such substances, and in Iasi.
One of the charges prosecutors DIICOT has to do with seizing a young man in an apartment in Iasi. The boy would have been beaten hard by Aliaksandr Huțuleac, Razvan Percec and other people to sell the banned substances. After what has been bătutat, he was kept sequestered for several days and treated with the Ketone. Subsequently, one of the trusted men of “Dutu” I have been carefully watching.
strict Rules in business
According to the interceptions, “Dutu” would be imposed “dealărilor” its not to distribute such substances to the certain people they don’t like them for various reasons, expressing dissatisfaction with the fact that they mix the substances distributed with other substances, most likely salt. Two of the intermediaries were arguing that Alexander, Huțuleaczis “Dutu”, looking for them all, whereas he suspected that they weren’t selling substances with psychoactive effect in his benefit, but for that of their staff.
Intermediate 1: Of the amu be careful, don’t give him anything, ready.
Intermediate 2: Eh?
ntermediar 1: Of the amu ready, don’t give, don’t give anything.
Intermediate 2: why?
Intermediate 1: That Dutu looking for you all.
Intermediate 2: What did he do?
Intermediate 1: looking for You both, all three.
Intermediate 2: why?
Intermediate 1: To f** * in your mouth all of you, to beat you, na, I don’t know.
Intermediate 2: Yes….
ntermediar 1: Na, don’t laugh at the balls he gave, I gave it to smuiul that last night five and amu take went to him and told him that I gave them from me and this give me the p** * y.
Intermediate 2: Na and why?
Intermediate 1: your Job, your business.
Intermediate 2: Give him the p** * y two. Na, let’s go.
Intermediate 1: What are you doing? Um…
Intermediate 2: Eh?
Intermediate 1: But where are you?
Intermediate 2: I’m in village two.
Intermediate 1: In the village or at me two?
Intermediate 2: In the village, I got out, amu take I went up to George to come I don’t know why he wants to take this home.
Intermediate 1: what are you doing, you’re part and with him amu, what the fuck?
Intermediate 2: I don’t um, yeah…p**a, what, I gave the last three?
Intermediate 1: How much did you pay?
Intermediate 2: 3 eggs.
Intermediate 1: And where’s the money?
Intermediate 2: Yes’ what, p**that I spent all of it.
Intermediate 1: Two of amu…
Intermediate 2: Kiki took, Kiki and took a pair of slippers.
ntermediar 1: Well, I’m putting my p**c**e, if you do so, you take all the money and I don’t give anything, now, ready, go. Bye!
“I poured this two”
In another phone conversation, one of the intermediaries who sold banned substances he says of another intermediate that Alexander Huțuleac, said, “Dutu”, and realized that I was deceiving in that it sold substances with psychoactive effects at the expense of his, for which reason he has removed all of this business.
Intermediate 1: Two…what are you doing?
Intermediate 2: Amu take I arrived at Brodina, you?
Intermediate 1: I told You what happened to c***is it?
Intermediate 2: What?
Intermediate 1: I poured this two.
Intermediate 2: Who?
Intermediate 1: Dutu.
Intermediate 2: Who?
Intermediate 1: Now I poured.
Intermediate 2: Who two?
Intermediate 1: Dutu two fool.
Intermediate 2: Na…
Intermediate 1: you Know what, um do you know what happened?
Intermediate 2: And? What?
Intermediate 1: she called on his number one, you know?
Intermediate 2: Yes.
Intermediate 1: he told Me where to meet, you know?
Intermediate 2: Yes.
ntermediar 1: And said that “Look that I found out what kind of dirt are you guys doing”, you know?
Intermediate 2:
Intermediate 1: And looked to see how many I have and she took my money, took everything.
Intermediate 2: And what did he say?
Intermediate 1: He said that to bring these all the money, the rest of the money that…
Intermediate 2: Argh.
Intermediate 1: Belirea p***her Bud, what do we do?
Intermediate 2: I don’t know, see, let’s talk, yeah?
Intermediate 1: Uh? Na good, let’s go.
Intermediate 2: we’re Talking about, yeah?

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