The stray cats are going to get a tattoo


For two weeks, a campaign to capture stray cats is conducted in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou.

A weather not to put a cat outside… Since this Monday, February 12, and until the 25th, the inhabitants of the area of Martigny, in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, are invited to make their own arrangements to keep their tomcats in the interior of their home or, in default, to facilitate their identification in their putting on a necklace. The injunction is not necessarily easy to comply with – most of the time, the cat does what he pleases – but the board is inevitable in the context of the capture of stray cats, conducted by the society Sagpa for the account of the municipality of Chasseneuil. In truth, cats do not risk large thing, the aim of the manoeuvre remaining to sterilize and to identify (in this case a tattoo) all cats which are not. “We had already conducted a similar operation in the city centre two years ago, explains Cendrine Bouard, the deputy in the charter of the folder. in twenty cats, that people come to feed them, had been concerned. ” For the time of the operation until the 25th of February on the area of Martigny, the stray cats, not identified by a microchip or a tattoo will be captured and then released a few hours later at the same place after having been neutered and tattooed. If the Sagpa officiates for the catch itself, what are the three veterinary clinics (based in Jaunay-Marigny, Migne-Auxances and Buxerolles) who will perform the sterilization and tattoos. the ” The objective is not to eliminate the cats, of course, but to contain their population, emphasizes Cendrine Bouard. in You should know that a single cat radiates in a radius of about 1 km, and theoretically a stray cat is supposed to belong to the town Hall. “ What the people themselves are unaware of, of course, completely…

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