The star of “Fifty Shades” revealed the details of the bed scenes

The star of “Fifty Shades” revealed the details of the bed

The star of the BDSM trilogy “Fifty shades” Dakota Johnson revealed the details of filming the bed scenes. Her interview is published on Marie Claire. According to the actress, the most difficult was an episode in handcuffs in a red room. “I was hands and feet chained to the grate – a kind of fence that goes down. And I was blindfolded, “- said Johnson. She added that it does not matter how trained she was at rehearsals – when you lose sight and touch, you can not control your nervous system. Johnson also said that sometimes in front of the most difficult scenes, actors drink something strong. The actress said that one of the strange moments of filming was that they were not completely naked – Johnson, in particular, was covered with thongs. So that they do not fall down, they are glued to her body. Earlier in February, actor Jamie Dornan told, for his part, how the bed scenes were shot in a series of BDSM films. The artist stated on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show” that during the filming he put on a penis bag for urine – at least because of the difficulties of translation so the audience understood it. More hell and strange news in the Telegram channel “Bottom of the bottom” . Subscribe!

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