The Spanish entrepreneur is young and engineer

Young 34, higher degree and an engineering degree. This is the average profile of Spanish entrepreneur. On the opposite side of women, representing only 17% of the projects presented it is.

They decide to bet on their own idea in order to have a change of direction in his career in a 23% of cases, compared with 15% of men.

in addition startups that are led by women they fail less, specifically only 48% failed compared to 66% of men . Perhaps it is that entrepreneurs are more conservative in managing the resources available to them. Depending on the results obtained are more daring in the amount of funding that demand (half of them requested between 50,000 and 500,000 euros), while more cautious in estimating their income, since 30% expects to bill less . 50,000 euros

the commitment to the venture takes hold in Spain as a thoughtful work option, not the result of a necessity: only 1% of entrepreneurs was previously unemployed and 56% worked previously employed. Also, according to the data analyzed, the main reason for starting a project is none other than having seen a real business opportunity, according to claim 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs.

More ambitious

At the same time, entrepreneurs are increasingly ambitious. In this sense, it has tripled the number of companies that expect to bill at the end of this year between 150,000 and 500,000 euros, compared with 5% who managed to reach this figure in 2015. In Spain half of existing startups are related to the sector services, while in Europe the king is the software.

to implement these projects, more than half of entrepreneurs rely on their own resources, so it is not surprising that funding continues It is the main challenge they face. However, in Spain the model of financing startups professionalized and 19% of the resources now come from private funds, bank loans and crowdfunding.

But is not the only objective pursued by entrepreneurs, 7 out of 10 are concerned about generating visibility for your project, get strategic partners or new customers and 40% is also interested in attracting talent.

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