The solidarity tourism to help Sabou

The solidarity tourism to help Sabou

Help the people of Sabou to live of their work and support their conditions of life are the goals of the association of the Friends of Sabou, who was born in 1999 when the pairing of Messed up with this commune of Burkina Faso, as reiterated by the president, Bernard Beneteau, at the annual general meeting of 14 April.

Objective reached at the camp of the pond of the sacred crocodiles. From April 2015, the local association Wend Kuni manages in full autonomy. Unfortunately, the attacks of January 2016 in Ouagadougou have led to a sharp drop in international tourism, with repercussions on the activity of a small, local scale. The solidarity tourism is a track of development.

Another realization of this objective : the presence of Salies de Gilbert Kaboré, bronzesmith in Sabou, in the framework of the festival Art in bulk. To bring a large number of works, he did work his friends bronziers that will also impact sales of their work. During his stay in France, Gilbert Kaboré will arrange internships, Soiled, Balma, Saint-Cyprien.

A slide ” elephant “

Bernard Beneteau has read to the meeting a letter sent by the new mayor of Sabou, elected in June 2016. He announced the reactivation of the twinning committee of the municipality and expresses its appreciation for the operations in view of the development of Sabou.

In November 2016, the nine members of the 20th mission have discovered the magnificent slide ” elephant “, which is funded entirely by the action of the pupils of the school Saint-Jean de Pornichet (750 euros), which, moreover, maintain a correspondence with schoolchildren, Sabou and have conducted a new operation rice Bowl for another helping.

an Appointment is given on the 30th of July next for the Salon du livre that takes its brands.

The audience had a thought for Awa, a young woman of Sabou, helped by the association for a heart operation in Spain and to Maïté Low-Cathalinat, very active in the association at its inception.

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