The shock on the foreign exchange market. The lion collapsed. How much does it cost today one euro


official Quotation displayed on Monday, at 13.00, the National Bank of Romania (BNR) is 4,6495 lei/euro.

the official exchange rate, shown Friday by the NBR was 4,6390 lei/euro, after the euro has surpassed the official threshold of 4.6 lei on Wednesday and then climbed to 4,6267 lei in Thursday’s session.

the Level of over 4.6 lei/euro has not been touched in the last five years and four months, in the week 23-27 July 2012, when he was reached, and the maximum 4,6397 lei/euro.

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Radu Soviani, economic analyst, after the depreciation of the leu: “We can expect an additional strain on market interest rates”

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