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The right hand caught in the jam of conflict d'interest

The right hand caught in the jam of conflict d'interest

No revelation shattering but a multitude of facts, which, added to others, and on the eve of the first round, between two information policies of interest : never a French presidential election had been so concerned with ” the issue of conflicts of interest “ ; and this ” question “ is particularly powerful among the candidates of the centre right and the far right.

The non-governmental Organization Sum Of us, installed in eleven countries and is active for ” to limit the growing power of companies around the world “, was made public this Thursday 20 April, a survey entitled ” in 2017, the presidential conflicts of interest “.

A report of 31 pages, directed by the journalist Warda Mohamed, who proposes to return to ” on the links between the main candidates in the French presidential election, their campaign team, and of French and other foreign companies “. A lack of time, means, and convinced that the election will be between these five candidates, with the Sum Of Us focused on the case of Benoît Hamon, Emmanuel Macron, French prime minister François Fillon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen.

Since 2013, the law on transparency of public life refers to the conflict of interest as ” situations in which a person to defend a particular interest or general is in a position — or may be suspected to be in a position to abuse its function to defend another interest. “. The report lists 52, real or potential, very unevenly distributed : Emmanuel Macron, French prime minister François Fillon and, in a more opaque, Marine Le Pen, in fact appear, and far enough, are most affected.

Macron, Fillon, Le Pen, trifecta

For the candidate to walk ! (” which has earned more than $ 2.8 million in Rothschild between 2009 and 2012 “, reminds us of the report) and his entourage, his close ties with the world of finance are highlighted, as is the practice of the ” revolving door “ (when the politicians pass the public action to important positions in the private sector). Close to leaders such as Xavier Niel (free) or Alexandre Bompard (Fnac Darty), the former ” baby Holland “, banker business and then minister of the economy, is surrounded by men who built their business in private.

In the case of François Fillon, are the customers of his company 2F board who ask questions : the Axa group, Henri de Castries, the Ceo until 2016, sometimes ” cited as a possible minister of Economy and Finance in case of victory of the candidate of the right “. Or Fimalac to Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière also the owner of Revue des deux mondes now known to be very handsomely remunerated for the pins of Penelope Fillon. A billionaire lebanese, bank, business, private or even Vladimir Putin, are also in the business of 2F Board.

Marine le Pen, it, ” under investigation for ” illegal financing “, is located in the heart of a network that is interested in justice “. A ” network “ where we find David Rachline, the young mayor FN of Frejus and its company board or the very sour Frédéric Chatillon, ex-gudard, owner of – or involved in – a number of companies, including Riwal, ” the main provider of Jeanne, the micro-party the FN “. Chatillon is considered by the Justice ” as the central character of the system organised by the FN since 2011 for its election campaigns “.

For a “collective mobilization” against the conflicts of interest

in the Face of these three heavyweights, Hamon and Mélenchon are, it must be confessed, pale figure. For the candidate of the PS, a few people around her, including Arnaud Montebourg, with Mathieu Pigasse and the bank Lazard, and Kader Arif, ” continued in 2014 after members of his family were believed to have been an advantage in obtaining public contracts “ present some potential for conflict of interest. For Jean-luc Mélenchon, what are its relationships to ” sympathy “ with the industrialist, senator LR and press boss Serge Dassault, which are highlighted by the report. Who adds that ” the investigation was unable to establish a case of conflict of interest – real or potential -in the midst of his campaign team “.

At the end of this study, synthetic, Sum Of Us address 4 recommendations : putting an end to the “misery hidden” the fight against corruption ; fight against the ” revolving door “, ” skip “ the lock of Bercy and put the constitutional Council away from the influence of lobbies.
” These are the axes that are drawn over the investigation. “, explains Nabil Berbour, in charge of the campaign as a senior for the Sum Of Us, an Ngo completely independent of political formations. the ” It is we also in this campaign, the candidates of the left are much less affected than others by the conflict of interest, but beyond that, one remains convinced that it is necessary to construct a collective mobilization, a citizens ‘ movement, to move forward on this topic “. To this end, the report has been delivered to over 500,000 people, the members of the association, in France, on Thursday, he says. Three days of the first round, there is no doubt that the reading will be instructive.

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