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The Reign T2: The Master of Shrine – The Lombard

At the dawn of a new era, humans have disappeared, giving way to animals and nature. ” The reign ” the Lombard Publishing plunges us into a new adventure of anticipation / science fiction , with the emergence of a new breed: the animals, having taken the shape of bipeds, have replaced the man, on a Earth devastated by the climatic whims.

The Kingdom T1 © The Lombard

Each “horde” of animals has only one idea in mind: to migrate to the “Shrine”, a fortification of the time of men, transformed into “refuge” by “Cathardi monks”.

This former nuclear factory, however, is far from the place dreamed: these “vultures” of monks Cathardis, are more slavers for the people they take under their wings, than saviors.

The price of entry is that of blood, if the offerings made are not enough to satisfy these gentlemen, or that of abandonment, at the gates of Shrine, left to certain death with the fear of the mysterious “human demon”.

Octavia, the cheetah, Pantacrius, the goat and Isaac, the tiger will associate as mercenaries. First, to save a family of bourgeois, attacked during the “migration” to the “shrine”, but especially coveting the rich treasures of them to bring the “offerings” necessary for their acceptance in the fortress saving. Then, to be stronger and survive amidst this chaos

Released on October 27, 2017, we are talking about Volume 2 after this little recap of Volume 1!

Volume 2: The Master of Shrine

The T2 Kingdom © The Lombard

Octavia, only with a branch in the middle of the snowy forest, remembers the meeting with his two acolytes … They helped him to get rid of a horde of Aurochs and offered to join them …

Since then, the troupe has become his only family and everyone helps each other and supports himself as he can.

It is on arriving at the gates of the fortress that Isaac has the honor to see, the Pontiff Cathardis in person, coming to visit him, before the dumbfounded eyes of his companions.

They learn then that they hang out together, a heavy past and a cruel meeting: Isaac, child, was taken under the wing of the monks when his mother sacrificed her place for him … She was then, refused the entrance of Shrine by this same pontiff, and Isaac has never seen him since …

After an unsuccessful exchange between the two characters, it is time to find a way to get their proteges back: their meager offerings do not seem to have impressed the great pontiff …

But Pantacrius has an idea … Tomorrow, when the “sorting” begins, he will start working.

Meanwhile, underground, Sertor and his henchmen continue their advance in the tunnel dug … Tomorrow, too, reserve a “surprise” to the monks of “Shrine”.

The time of the “rebellion” rumbling at the gates of the fortress … And all the “hordes” are far from imagining what is behind the walls of Shrine and the discoveries that made the “Monks”!

The T2 Kingdom © The Lombard

It did not take less two “masters” of the fantastic to build this new series: ” The reign ” .

On one side, we find a Sylvain Runberg , which remains on a scenario of predilection: the sci-fi / fantastic anticipation Sprinkled this time with green ethics. He presents us with a devastated world after a mysterious meteorological cataclysm. Humans have lost their dominant places that animals have appropriated. Organized each in caste more or less rich, a world where obviously the poor have no place and have trouble saving their skin! The reconciliations of some are only intended to survive in this cruel world. The paradox between cruelty and savagery , then between humanity and affectivity can only touch your chord!

In volume 1, he explained the bases of this new universe, in this volume, “activity” begins crescendo, and lets foresee daunting events throughout the series!

The T2 Kingdom © The Lombard

The created universe inevitably carries the reader, thanks to the “Virtuoso illustrator” of Olivier G.Boiscommun ! The features of the illustrations are reminiscent of his “Night Glow”, a work not to be missed as well. The colors, the atmosphere, add this dark and mysterious side to the Runberg scenario. His “monks Cathardis” feel good the small wink year 80, with the “Skekses” of the famous feature film “Dark Crystal”; Isaac and his journey, reminds us of a famous “Around the world in 80 days” of the same years, and the cruelty of his world to the tunes of “Mad Max” !! His anthropomorphic and charismatic characters will plunge you into a sudden empathy for the animal kingdom!

” The reign ” the Lombard Publishing , a tale (+ 12 years) atypical potential creative four hands of gold! When he reads it, he will probably touch the box “childhood memories” of some brains with his multiple winks … and the rhythm of his scenario will embark you completely in what promises to be a incredible adventure !

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