The ranking of colleges in the Pyrénées-Orientales: Jeanne-d’Arc on top

The ranking of colleges in the Pyrénées-Orientales: Jeanne-d’Arc on top


With its 100% success in the patent in 2015, the privately owned tops the ranking of the department colleges. It’s certain. The results of the patent are not everything. The quality of a college also lies in its ability to advance its students, class sizes or extracurricular activities it offers. However, the patent success rate remains a prime indicator. Hence the interest of the charts that has unveiled the magazine Student on its website ( First lesson:. In the Pyrenees-Orientales and in the rest of France, private institutions derive their game With its 100% success and its 96% of mentions, the Jeanne d’Arc college Perpignan ( Photo TG) and topped the departmental classification. The student is assigned a score of 19.6 out of 20.

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Also at Perpignan, the institution La-Salle-Saint -Jean up on the second step of the podium thanks to its 98% success rate and its strong statements (85%). This allows him also to cap the post College Saint-Pierre-de-la-Mer in Saint-Cyprien. However, according to The Student, the supremacy of private institutions is qualified. “The private sector is not subject to sectorization”, and takes care to remind the magazine. In addition, some public institutions receive more than respectable scores. In the department, the Font-Romeu college comes first example of the category with 97% success. Just before his neighbor in Bourg-Madame (95%). The attentive reader will have noted: on this one, Cerdanya hits hard. As for the red lantern P.-O., it is the college Pons of Perpignan. Less than half of the third of students are graduated last year.

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