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The Postal Bank inaugurated its business centre in Sophia


The business Centre Côte d’azur of the postal Bank today inaugurated its new premises in Sophia Antipolis. Dedicated to the Riviera, to Corsica and to the east Var, it aims to advise companies, professionals, associations, public institutions and other local authorities, customers of the postal Bank. the “The actors of the local economy that contribute to its wealth”, emphasizes the Gonzaga of Germay, director of the Côte d’azur, which gives details of the missions.

Why did you open a business centre here?
Because his clientele was previously managed from Marseille: 300 km distance to create a relationship of closeness and trust, it did not work. So, he had the sense to create one in the department. The business centre Côte d’azur is dependent on the regional directorate Mediterranean in Marseille. At its inception in January 2016, we…

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