The necessities of the season to be even more beautiful!

Ah September! likes or dislikes, it is easy to admit! But that said back, said the holidays finished and soon the gray. But for this last great summer we had, we will offer you our favorites that will continue summer like we was still there!

After the summer, we saw that our small thighs were slightly firmed with the sun, and if there is more sun, so we afraid to regain our ugly cellulite squats our thighs (and many other unmentionable parts of our body) ! In this regard, we have two products to recommend at this level that are at the top. Then, as we most certainly abused some sun, we ferreted out two small pretty nice news to help you be the best for this school year. And to keep it all again we found you the ultimate thing that will make you beautiful skin from the inside but who is outside! Yes, yes you read that right! Come on let’s go for it all!

 slimming intelligence dr ricaud As promised, we you has researched the top of slimming cream for this autumn. Here is a gel “ slimming Intelligence ” to the stomach, hips and thighs you’ll love necessarily! Its melting texture will literally melt that ugly cellulite on your thighs and you deflate the belly and hips. In fact, it is a cure attack 14 days.

Morning and evening, you put a coat on the stomach, hips and thighs and masserez all for 1 to 2 minutes (the time it penetrates well). We loved a little cool side of the gel. The smell is pleasant and mostly we like the fact that we can put our clothes directly without having to wait for our skin is less oily frost or anything. In short, rapid, good smell and hop we went to look beautiful.

Income level?

After a few days, we actually see a decrease in swelling of the belly, size is then more refined and thighs less marked by cellulite. My lovely cellulite on thighs were almost smoothed! then we lose about 1 to 2 cm (and honestly it is not negligible at times !!!) It feels more desirable and frankly it feels good! In short, we directly adopt this gel and actually one of our first darlings to deflate everywhere!

 nopalsvelt bio lab Carrara Nopalsvelt Bio laboratory Carrara € 19.90 Available in drugstore / pharmacy

This product is a dietary supplement to make you deflate and especially regain a flat stomach! In association with the first product that I just mentioned (Slimming Intelligence), it produced some miracles we confess.

Unfortunately, I have a tendency to inflate the stomach (though it is not lack of a balanced diet), and so sometimes I have the impression of being pregnant 3/4 months (that is to say!). So we had a fabulous cure for all fair this autumn (and other days of the year) and to rival all girlfriends. And Nopalsvelt which helped us get what we wanted

Nopalsvelt is based Nopal. Nopal is a potted more commonly known as” prickly pear “. Naturally rich in fiber, it has the ability to trap some of the fat ingested in a meal and limit the appetite. With 4 tablets daily, Nopasvelt bio allows better control of weight to accompany a slimming diet. “

The tablets are to be taken 10 minutes before your meal. You attack a cure for 15 days with 2 tablets before each meal and then take them from time to time before a big meal. Personally, I almost have a tendency to take all the time to the results I got.

Level results?

It really deflates the belly! It feels a little lighter especially (and freed therefore much better), and has a nice belly flatter than usual. We also lose a little weight because the transit is going better. A short while one that will delight more than one.

 condensed scrub with walnut shell Now that we tackled our body from within to deflate, it will address a bit outside! So for this autumn, so we decided to keep our sublime tan we had trouble getting this summer (I speak for myself personally, I would level tanning nice to me 24H / 24 I think I’ll stay still white or red at best …) Anyway … If you have more luck than me, so I would suggest to use scrub nut for body Digest.

the advantage of this scrub is that you can use in your daily shower, it will turn elsewhere in a creamy milk that will make your shower a sweet moment. Cleanse, nourish your skin and will gum. An all in one that we already love because your beautiful dead cells (which no longer of use) will go through the action of ground walnut shells. We confess that the smell may be a little high but when you see how the skin is glowing and very soft after we forgive him!

A base oil sunflowers and carrots, your skin will therefore even more beautiful and especially nourished thing we wanted in this fall!

you simply get wet on the shower and then apply a cob and rub your lovely body. A treatment to further abuse and even in the shower!

 condenses hibiscus face scrub it is nice to take care of his little body, but it takes also take care of the face in this fall! And again, I found the ultimate mask for your little face! Since we need to scrub for the body, we also need to erase the dead cells of our face, and nothing like a mask basis as a scrub! Digest offers us the mask melting at the Hibiscus. With its subtle and sweet, we will happy to do this treatment once a week. Suffice it to apply 2 to 5 minutes and then rinse with clear water. A withdrawal application and has not the tight skin as some, we will just need to put a cream

What did he promise us?

Already it promises a cleansing action and exfoliating “eliminating thanks to the enzymatic action of hibiscus flower acids, dead cells and impurities to clean skin and boost cell renewal. It also acts as a mask for intense hydration, complete with a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory action. “

One finds a radiant complexion, glowing, all beautiful (all pink). The skin does not pull, and just that we love. Healthy skin in short! I even had a tendency to have skin that blushes after the masks but then nothing! And that is just love and can only advise our dear readers! You will tell us the news.

 gold-collagen Here is the new little a bit wacky September! With this food supplement in the form of beauty drink, you will do good to your body: skin, nails, hair. He struggles against the effects of age and comes straight from the UK, where already 10 million bottles were sold and has been clinically tested.

Pure Gold Collagen in the form of small glass vial. It is based on collagen, borage oil, hyaluronic acid, N-acetyl-glucosamine (pronounced quickly for fun) of piperine, vitamins and minerals. In short there is heavy in there.

This product contains a “hydrolyzed collagen mixture of active ingredients to help your skin to feed on the inside. “So you find a younger looking skin, more supple, moisturized, wrinkles will diminish and you will have beautiful hair and nails. It then increases the production of collagen in the body.

Well after this promise, it’s true that one wonders how it is possible. So we did a test for 20 days. Previously for a week, I stopped to put my creams (story I can see the difference before / after).

Just then drink a vial of 50 ml per day. The taste is not unpleasant, it passes easily even if we have a little aftertaste that stings. I saw then that my skin was more hydrated indeed as if I had put the cream every day (except that I had stopped). Level wrinkles, I could not too found of effects since I have only tiny little wrinkles, but admit they are still less marked after several days. By cons, hair and nails are much more beautiful. I had a tendency to have dry hair and brittle nails. The hair is shinier and stronger (I also saw that I was losing less hair) and my nails are harder.

We can see the results after a few days already. It’s pretty impressive as a small drink can do all this work. You can very well take a course of 10, 30 or 90 days. The 10-day cure selling on average € 39.90.

Here, in this fall we’ll all be beautiful and to rival all girlfriends!

Do not hesitate to give us your feelings on a product if you have already tested!

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