The “naming” of a League is it cost-effective ?

The “naming” of a League is it cost effective ?

After many disappointments, the Professional Football League (LFP) has managed to land a new contract of naming for the League 1. The naming, this practice by which a brand gets in return for payment, the prerogative to place his name to an infrastructure or to a league, had already been used for the league’s elite professional football French between 2002 and 2008. The partner of the time was called Orange. Gourmet, the service provider then chooses to provide a portion of the broadcast rights of the league (for 200 million euros per year from 2008)… and threw in the sponge before the end of the contract as it was losing money. It is for this reason that the namers are not rushing in until September 2016 ? It is true that the profits of the naming is ambiguous.

naming a league is more beneficial than the naming a point

On the principle, naming a league is a good deal more beneficial and safer than the naming of the stadium : in accolant its name to the competition, the advertiser is assumed to be quoted at all times (each day of the championship) without incurring the risk of bias (the fans who don’t appreciate particularly the club of Nice may choose not to insure with Allianz, those who are hostile to Bordeaux may flee the insurer Matmut …). In addition, in the case of “industrial disaster” (as was the case with the relegation in the 6th division of the le Mans FC), the mark concerned (the insurer MMA in the case manceau) is, unwillingly, inseparably attached to the stadium with the naming. Such as the band-aid on the finger of the captain Haddock, the name “mm arena” is today associated with the fiasco of the club.

it is also necessary that the media relayed the official description

But in truth, the naming a league would be a great idea… if the resonance in the media was as the namer wishes. However, experience shows that media mock (and one cannot blame them) of the official designation of the competition. In 2008, Louis-Pierre Wenes, executive director in charge of the purchases and operations of the Orange group explained that Orange kept his contract of naming with the Ligue 1… because no one spoke of the ” Ligue 1 Orange “, but only ” League 1 “. In an attempt to reverse the trend, we can reverse the terms and to designate a league as the “Tartempion League x” (rather than ” Su x Tartempion “) : this is the bet made by Domino’s, making Pizzas, which has signed a contract with the LFP in the summer of 2016 for the naming of the League 2. Difficult to assess whether the media speak of the “Domino’s League 2″ that they would not have spoken of the ” League 2 Domino’s “…

A failed attempt in September 2016

in this regard, no one will know if the tycoon French Patrick Drahi would have appointed the 1ère division “LICO League 1” or “League 1 SFR” if he had obtained the contract for the naming in September 2016. At this time, an agreement seemed about to be found between the LFP and the access provider bulimic. The heavily indebted Drahi was put on the table 45 million euros over 3 years, but Canal +, the broadcaster history, vetoed this agreement : SFR is also its new competitor, a front end in the broadcast of sporting events !

A contract amount of naming disappointing

After the failure of the naming of the Ligue 1 September 2016, an agreement was finally found on April 20, 2017 with the distributor Conforama. From the season 2017/2018, the Ligue 1 will be called, therefore, the ” League 1 Conforama “. The amount of the contract is 7 million euros a year, less than half of that proposed by Drahi. It is better that the contract with Domino’s for the League 2 (1.3 million euros a year), but it is less than in our european neighbours (8 million euros in the Bundesliga, 15 million euros in the Italian Serie A, € 20 million in Turkey, $ 23.5 million euros in Spain). In appearance, the LFP, however, could boast of having a contract of naming while the Premier League does more ! The richest soccer leagues held a contract with Barclay’s until 2015/2016 (for 40 million pounds per season). Become so confidential that nobody thinks of it if its brand ? Quite the contrary, the Premier League sucks, as the NBA, to be a brand in itself. It is therefore ready to renounce of 40 or 50 million pounds each year to not see his name “polluted” by another firm.

A contract is also beneficial for both parties ?

in fact, There is a risk to the brand image of a league, to see associated with the name of a prestigious. As well as luxury watches, prefer attaching their name to the sailing competitions or golf (as opposed to those of boxing or wrestling), the leagues have an interest to carefully choose their partner. Already, ironic comments flying around the association of the Ligue 1 with Conforama, a distributor considered as medium/low range. Just as on the occasion of the association of the league of Handball with the distributor low-cost Lidl (for 1 million of euros per year), it may rise to the feeling that the advertiser has something to gain from its association with the league, while the league has something to lose from its association with the advertiser… The LFP can always console themselves by considering that the contract of naming past with Conforama, is still less ridiculous than the one passed by the club’s scottish Livingstone for his point : the latter evolves, in fact, in the Tony Macaroni (Ristorante-Pizzeria-Caffe) Stadium…

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